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Tinsley Island


"In All the World, There's Only One."

The St. Francis Yacht Club's Tinsley Island Station offers a private, year-round yacht club experience.  The Island's summers are filled with BBQ’s, music, dancing and family fun.  Winter season offers  a much quieter experience.  Winter visitors see the Island's more rustic side as the fog rolls in and the birds and animals of the Delta become more active. 

Tinsley Island has enhanced its member services in the past two years and now offers members and guests a full bar and snack bar, fitness center, boat cleaning services and local, live entertainment on Saturday nights.  We very much look forward to your visit.

To ensure your thorough enjoyment of the Island, please take a moment to refresh your knowledge and understanding of Club and State rules and regulations.


Ross Schiveley
Tinsley Island Manager
+1 209.607.3199


Ed Igoe
Port Captain
"We All Go"
Main Dock


Neil Pincus
Tinsley Island Committee Chair