Race Committee



The St. Francis Yacht Club Race Committee is renowned for running some of the best sailboat, windsurfing and kiteboarding races in the world.  Comprised of over 300 member and non-member volunteers, their dedication to the sport shows in the 160+ days on the water each year.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who volunteers for Race Committee?
    • Many volunteers are racers, former racers, friends and family of competitors, and anyone who enjoys the camaraderie of the yacht racing community. Racing experience is not necessarily required, but we are looking for committed and organized team players interested in racing and race management.
  • How can I contribute?
    • The Race Committee's work-on-the water involves setting up the race courses, starting races, and recording the finishing competitors. There are many positions available, from boat drivers to marksetters, timers, flag signalers, and recorders. There are also opportunities off the water, including score keeping and assisting with registration for large events. Training is provided for novices, as well as for experienced members wanting to further their skills, including Race Management Certification.

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  • How often do I volunteer?
    • As often as you want!  All volunteers are encouraged to participate regularly to develop skillful teams for our events. 
  • What happens during a normal race day?
    • A regular race day starts around 8:30am with check in for the RC volunteers. Stop by the desk and let the person in charge that day know you are there, pick up your lunch and depending on the time head down to the boats to help rig marks and set up whatever gear you will need that day.  Once your boat is ready it is time for the morning meeting at which the PRO (Principal Race Officer, aka Boss of the Day) will discuss what to expect that day with regards to weather, responsibilities and any other pertinent information.

      Once you are done with the meeting it is time to head to the boats and out on the water. How long you are out and where you are setting up the course each race day is determined by the event. Generally speaking you will arrive back to the dock sometime around 5pm. Then it is time to put all the toys away and go enjoy some food, drink and socializing with your fellow RC friends and sailors!

  • What do I need to bring or wear?
    • All volunteers are provided with a lunch each race day as well as water and soda so unless you have any specific dietary requests, you do not need to worry about bringing a lunch.

      As you know it can get quite chilly on the bay and that is even more prevalent on the water. Make sure to dress in plenty of layers and if you are going to be on a markset boat you will want water resistant outwear (jacket, pants and shoes). Additionally it is recommended to bring along a hat, sunglasses, gloves (sailing gloves if you are pulling marks; warm gloves otherwise) and sunscreen. 
  • Who do I call with any questions or concerns?