Tinsley Island

"In all the World, there's only one."

Tinsley Island is our private slice of paradise, steeped in primitive elegance. Located 60 miles up the Delta from the St. Francis Yacht Club, this 40-acre oasis offers a year-round getaway for our members. Whether volunteering as a Tinsley Toiler, participating in a Club Cruise, or escaping for a weekend of family fun, members have been making cherished memories here for many decades. 

Tinsley Island is open year-round, with plentiful docking and on-island accommodations. Members cook their own food around communal barbecues and enjoy a shared swimming pool, lawn and lanai. The official summer season lasts from May 1 to September 30, when island services expand to include a full bar and café, boat-cleaning services, water toys for rent, and local, live entertainment on Saturday nights.

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