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Reciprocal Club Process

Are you traveling and wish to request reciprocal privileges at one of our many reciprocal clubs? Now you can generate a Letter of Introduction to the club of your preference by completing a simple online form. This will create a Letter of Introduction on your behalf, which is automatically emailed to the reciprocal club you chose. You will also receive a copy of the letter to the email address we have on file in your online profile (click HERE to view your online profile to confirm your email address is current). In addition, our own StFYC Front Desk will be emailed a copy for our records. If you complete the form and do not receive the confirmation email with a copy of the letter, please contact our Front Desk at 415.563.6363 in case an error occurred.

Please note that this Letter of Introduction is a request and is subject to the usual rules that define our reciprocal privileges at other clubs, including restrictions on the number of days you may visit each year, etc. If you wish you enjoy overnight accommodations or dining facilities at the reciprocal club, you must make reservations in addition to sending the Letter of Introduction. 

To Complete an Online Letter of Introduction:

  1. Browse the Reciprocal Club list by state or country from the menu on the left. Or click HERE for a downloadable list of reciprocal clubs.

  2. Click on the state or country of your choice for list of all clubs in the area with contact information. 

  3. Choose the Club that you would like to generate a Letter of Introduction for. Click on the Club name, which will take you to the Letter of Introduction form. 

  4. Complete the form with the correct yacht club name and travel dates. Once the form is submitted, you will receive a confirmation email, which includes a copy of the Letter of Introduction. If you need assistance, please contact the Front Desk at

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