Visiting the Club

Whether you are a visiting sailor, a reciprocal club member or a private event attendee, we welcome you to St. Francis Yacht Club.

Located on the shores of San Francisco Bay, StFYC boasts incredible panoramic views that span from the Golden Gate Bridge to Alcatraz Island. Guests should note that the Club is open all days of the week, but observes quiet days on Mondays and Tuesdays, when dining services are not offered and bar service is limited.

    • The Club's official address is 700 Marina Boulevard, San Francisco, California, 94123. However, it is often recognized by GPS at 99 Yacht Road, San Francisco, CA 94123.

      Traveling from out of town? 
      San Francisco is a ride-sharing community, and there are three apps in particular that we recommend you download before your arrival. All are safe, simple and typically more reliable than taxi cabs.

    • To visit as a guest, you must be accompanied by a member* in good standing who arranges a Guest Card for your visit. All guests must register at the Front Desk immediately upon entering the Club to receive their Guest Card, granting you access to the Club and the ability to make purchases.

      White guest cards entitle guests to privileges at the Club with the understanding that they will pay for anything purchased at the Club on their own credit card. Guests with a white guest card are subject to a 15% guest fee for all purchases made at the Club as well as a 20% service fee on all Food & Beverage purchases.

      Blue guest cards allow guests to charge items to the account of their hosting member.

      Members, to set up a Guest Card, contact the Front Desk at 415-563-6363 or [email protected].

      *Regular, Non-Resident, Regular Non-Resident, Special Associate and Honorary Members can arrange guest cards.

    • The St. Francis Yacht Club has reciprocal relationships with most accredited yacht clubs. We welcome their members to visit our clubhouse located in San Francisco, California.

      If you wish to visit as a reciprocal member, please have your primary yacht club send a letter of introduction on your behalf to [email protected], confirming you are a member in good standing. Once on the premises, check in with the Front Desk to set up a guest card linked to your own personal credit card; be sure to settle your account before you depart. 

      50-Mile Limitation
      The Club employs a 50-Mile Guest Privilege Limitation Statute, which limits guest privileges only to reciprocal members whose yacht club or residence is located outside of a 50-mile radius from the San Francisco Clubhouse or Tinsley Island. Reciprocal members whose yacht club or place of residence falls within 50 miles of the City Clubhouse or Tinsley Island may be granted reciprocal privileges only if they arrive via boat and register at the City Clubhouse docks. 

    • Any guest visiting the Club for the purpose of attending a private party is welcome to enjoy the room(s) or area where the private event is being held. However, non-member attendees of private parties may not purchase items or dine at the Club unless a sponsoring member has set up a guest card in advance for the purpose.

      We also ask that guests of private event adhere to our dress code and electronics policy. 

    • Cell Phones and Other Electronic Devices
      Electronic devices such as smart phones, laptops and tablets are strictly prohibited within the Clubhouse. All devices must be on silent when entering the Clubhouse and kept in a pocket or purse. No devices may be left out on tables or bars. Electronic devices may be used in the patios surrounding the Clubhouse, the Junior Room, the Exercise Room (with headphones) and the Library (to read). Devices are also permitted while in business meetings so long as it is confined to that room. Cell phones may be used as a camera. 

      Dress Code in the Grill Room and Trophy Lounge
      Casual attire. Shorts, t-shirts and denim are allowed. Flip flops are allowed before 1800 hours. 

      Dress Code in the Main Dining Room
      Jackets are required for gentlemen and comparable dress for ladies.

      Dress Code in the Clippership Lounge
      No shorts, t-shirts, or sports wear. No flip-flops. Denim is allowed.

      Notes on the Dress Code

      • Members are responsible for informing their guests about the Club's dress code and for encouraging their compliance.
      • Dress becomes more formal later in the day. After 6:00pm, gentlemen are strongly encouraged to wear jackets.
      • Never permitted anywhere in the Clubhouse except en route to and in the locker rooms are: tank tops, cut-offs, wetsuits, foul weather gear, dirty work clothing, bathing suits or wet clothing. Shorts are not permitted in the Main Dining Room or Clippserhip. 
      • Gentlemen are not permitted to wear hats in the Clubhouse. 

      Yachting Attire (requested at various Club events)

      • For yachtsmen: Navy blue jacket, long-sleeved, button-down shirt, Club tie, blazer crest or lapel pin
      • For yachtswomen: Navy blue jacket, long-sleeved, button-down shirt, Club ladies' scarf, blazer crest or lapel pin

      Restricted Use Days
      Guest privileges will be limited on restricted use days, including Opening Day On The Bay, 4th of July, Memorial Day, Big Boat race days, Fleet Weekend, America's Cup. On restricted use days no guest will be admitted without an accompanying member and the number of guests that may accompany each member is limited to four.

      Refusal of Admission
      The Board of Directors reserves the right to refuse admission to the San Francisco Clubhouse to any person.

      Persons Under Eighteen Years Old
      A person under eighteen (18) years old, other than a member, shall be allowed entry to rooms in the Clubhouse only when accompanied by and kept under the close supervision of a responsible adult. The length of time and the places that may be occupied in the Clubhouse by these persons shall be left to the discretion of the House Committee.

Lodging & Resources

This list is provided for your convenience only. St. Francis Yacht Club offers no endorsement of the quality or appropriateness of the facilities listed here. Pricing is merely an indication of rate ranges, and may not be effective at any particular time.

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