Wednesday Yachting Luncheons

The Wednesday Yachting Luncheons continue a 51-year tradition of relevant topics, friendly fun, and good food in a relaxed, informal setting.

The buffet lunch service begins at 11:45am. The program begins at 12:30pm sharp. Presentations and Q&A usually wrap up by 1:30pm and guest speakers often linger for conversation with our knowledgeable audience. All members of recognized yacht clubs are welcome at the Wednesday Yachting Luncheon. First-time guests are asked to please visit our Front Desk for a guest card and a smile. We hope you enjoy our luncheon fare, fabulous view and sailor’s hospitality.

Do you have a great idea for a guest speaker? Please contact Wednesday Yachting Luncheon chairman Ron Young at

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March 21: A Proper Yachting History of the St. Francis Yacht Club
RC Keefe, StFYC Historian and Senior Staff Commodore 
Take a stroll through the history of our StFYC with RC, who joined in 1950—just 68 years ago! Who better to describe the yachts and yachtsmen, cutters and characters that created our club? RC‘s dad was among the original 100 members who in 1927 (during the roaring 20s) broke away from the (then Sausalito-based) San Francisco Yacht Club. Did each of the founding members put up $500 in cash and buy a $500 bond to bankroll our fledgling club...on the windiest beach in San Francisco? In 1932, (in the depths of the Great Depression) did members stage a “bond-burning party” in the Men’s Grill (now the “Grill Room”) to throw their bonds in the fireplace—so they would never to be redeemed?

March 28: A Conversation with Jocelyn Nash—Pioneering, Legendary Sailor

Jocelyn Nash, Mallory Club Winner, Boat Builder, Sailmaker, Champion and Mother of Champions
Back when men like Tom Blackaller, Ted Turner and Paul Elvstrøm were dominating the world of sailing, a woman sailor from California was making history of her own. Pioneering female sailor Jocelyn Nash was the first woman to: compete in the TransPac (1955), compete in and win the prestigious North American Sailing Championships, The Mallory Cup (1963), win the International 110 Championships (1963). After winning in everything from Mercurys to maxis, 89-year-old Jocelyn still competes in ten to twenty races every year. In her words: “I didn’t want to be like the other wives who made sandwiches on the boat and cooked spaghetti at the yacht club.”

April 4: Sail Cowabunga! A Family’s Ten Years at Sea
Janis Couvreux, Sailor, Award-Winning Writer, Travel and Adventure Addict, Mom and Grandma
From Bordeaux to San Francisco, Sail Cowabunga follows a Franco-American couple and their two young sons across the Atlantic and a ten-year journey at sea in their 42ft sailboat. Through their adventures and misadventures, tragedies and glories across four continents, the Couvreuxs rarely had a nautical dull moment. While fending off a midnight intruder, sailing to the microscopic St. Peter and St. Paul rocks on the equator, exploring the jungles of French Guiana or sailing through Cuba during the turmoil of the late 80s, they maintained their sanity, smiles and schooling through an often-scary ride. Janis twice battled medical emergencies that required sending her husband across the globe for treatments, leaving her to single-hand a Panama Canal passage, amid pre-war chaos.

Past Programs
StFYC live-streams Wednesday Yachting Luncheons to Facebook. To watch a replay, click an image below:

March 14, 2018
Man vs. Sea—Winslow Homer Depicts the American Hero
Philip Eliasoph, PhD, Professor of Art History, Fairfield University, Connecticut

March 7, 2018
Swimming from Catalina to the Mainland and More Night Train Adventures 
David Holscher, Ocean Swimming Champion and President, Night Train Swimming Team 

February 28, 2018
Exploring Maritime Art through the Life & Work of John Steven Dews 
John Steven Dews (via Skype from New Zealand) and Zachary Hall, Director, Trinity House Paintings 

February 21, 2018
Why We Dynamited the Junior Program and are Not Looking Back 
Kimball Livingston, Staff Commodore, 2018 Chair of the StFYC Junior Committee  

February 14, 2018
America’s Cup Update—What’s Next and New for the Oldest Game in Sport? 

Tom Ehman, StFYC Member; Veteran of Twelve AC Campaigns; Founder and Editor of Sailing Illustrated 

February 7, 2018
The Challenges Facing the New Chair of the Federal Reserve System
Robert Heller, Former Governor of the Federal Reserve System, Former CEO of VISA

January 31, 2018
Bill Keener, Marine Biologist
The Fascinating Return of Whales, Porpoises and Dolphins to SF Bay 

January 24, 2018
Anthony Scopazzi, Drone Pilot
The Care and Feeding of Peace-time Drones


January 10, 2018
David Thoreson
Saving the World One Ocean at a Time 

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