After you have docked, please register HERE. You can also use the on-island registration stations located at the Lanai Bar and at the West Dock Bathhouse.

Port Captain

During the regular season (May 1 to September 30), the Port Captain or Dockmaster are available to assist you in docking and to answer your questions about the Island, its customs, rules and regulations. Upon entering the inner channel, please make your presence known with a short blast on your horn. If the Port Captain, Dockmaster or Island Manager are present, they will provide directions for berthing. Otherwise, secure your boat at an appropriate dock and consult with one of these individuals when you come ashore. In the Port Captain’s absence, a designated Duty Port Captain will be in charge of docking.

Please see the Port Captain to secure the Tinsley decal required for small watercraft, and to register any small boats or personal watercraft you plan to use while on the Island.

48-Hour Rule

To encourage members to explore the 1,000 miles of Delta waterway, a member may vacate his or her slip for a period of 48 hours by prior arrangement with the Island Manager, Dockmaster or Port Captain and return to that same slip upon return. Regular docking fees will continue to be charged during the absence. This benefit may be waived during Club events.


Docking rates will be applied based on a per night basis that begins at 10:00am. Any boat whose occupants use the island facilities or is present more than two hours will be charged for the “Night.”

Sail and power boats at the dock
Summer Season (May 1–Sept 30): $0.69 / foot (overall) per night Minimum Charge for Summer Season: $16 / night
Winter Season (Oct 1–April 30):
$0.25 / foot (overall) per night

Sail and power boats on moorings
In Outer Channel: $16 / night
In North Lagoon: 50% of dock rates/foot/night ($16 minimum; no penalty charges)

Tie-Up Charges
Side Tie or Stern Tie performed by Island Management of Staff: $20 / occurrence

The following shall incur no charge: runabouts, ski boats and dinghies tied alongside a member’s yacht or other designated areas if the member’s yacht is not at the Island; dormant speedboats stored on the inside of the West Dock.

A guest boat is any occupied boat or houseboat at the Island with no member aboard. This includes a non-present member’s boat occupied by their adult child.
Sail or Power boats at the dock: $85 / day
Sail or Power boats on a mooring: $32 / day

Penalty for Unattended Boats — Beginning on the day of arrival, any member’s boat left unattended for 45 consecutive days will be charged $500. Once penalized, a member’s boat will again be subject to the above 45 consecutive day terms. A member’s boat shall be considered “attended” if it is visited by the member owner or member owner’s spouse.

Penalty for Unoccupied Boats “Summer Season” — Member’s boats left unoccupied for 21 consecutive days during the Summer Season will be charged double the normal rate beginning on day 22 until the boat is “occupied.” In addition, there will be a “one time” charge of $500. Once the member’s boat is occupied, the normal rate will resume and is again subject to the above 21 consecutive day terms. During Summer Season a member’s boat shall be considered “occupied” if it is occupied overnight by the member owner or member owner’s spouse or by another adult member of the Club. However, the member owner or member owner’s spouse is still held to the rule ( of visiting their boat every 45 days.

For the purpose of applying the Island Use Rates, a “Day” will be charged for an overnight stay or, in the case of “Day Use” only, any part of that day.
Member Family (Member, spouse and member's children under 21): No Charge
Adults: $32 / day
Children 12-20: $17 / day
Children under 12: No Charge
Max charge for guests who are immediate family* of a member: $75 / day
Any guest spending a short time on a member's boat and taking a short tour of the island: No Charge
Each guest on a guest boat: $25 / day

* Immediate family is defined as parents, grandparents, adult children and spouses, grandchildren, sisters, brothers, nephews and nieces. 

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