Toiler Benefactors

The St. Francis Yacht Club only has one outstation, and that special place has been hand-crafted over the years through the hard work of our Toilers. Behind the Toilers is the generosity of our Toiler Benefactors—members who give heartfelt donations with the purpose of preserving and bolstering our island.

Click HERE to read about the 2019 Toiler plans and a new initiative to purchase a fleet of sailboats for Tinsley Island!

Become a Toiler Benefactor

Thank you, Benefactors! In all the world, there is only one...thanks to you.

 Fill out the form below and have your donation simply added to your member account.

Amount will be logged as $100 unless otherwise specified.

Thank you for your generous contribution to the Tinsley Island Toiler Fund.
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