Youth Race Teams

Team StFYC - C420

Teenage members of St. Francis Yacht Club, or youth in the process of joining, are eligible to try out for the St. Francis Yacht Club Race Team. We sail C420s year-round in a combination of Friday afternoon and Saturday morning practices, with regattas locally, in Southern California and on the Atlantic seaboard.

A Team StFYC try-out could be formal, or it could be a matter of demonstrating over time that you have the right stuff — the commitment and diligence to improve and keep improving, respect for your fellow team members and competitors, respect for the expensive equipment supplied by the Club, and in possession of a spirit that expresses the joy of sailing. If you make the Team, you become part of the St. Francis story. You will be asked to sign a Code of Conduct committing to high standards, including a promise to serve on the Race Committee. You should understand Race Committee time is an opportunity to learn skills you don’t learn in a small race boat, such as how to drive a powerboat packing 150 horsepower. On Race Committee you will observe racing from a new viewpoint, make friends in new places, and become more fully a part of the St. Francis Yacht Club community. You will also be giving back to our volunteer sport. This is how we roll. 

For more information on StFYC Race Teams and how to get into game, contact Sailing Director Brent Harrill at 415-820-3729 or [email protected].  

  • C420 Race Team Information
    • Race Team Schedule

      1 - 2 Bays Summer Series #4  TISC All Day
      7 Training StFYC 3:30pm - 7:00pm
      8 Training StFYC 9:00am - 1:00pm
      15 - 16 C420 Pacific Coast Championship
      Cabrillo Beach YC All Day
      21 Training StFYC 3:30pm - 7:00pm
      28 Training StFYC 3:30pm - 7:00pm
      5 Training StFYC 3:30pm - 7:00pm
      19 Training StFYC 3:30pm - 7:00pm
      26 Training StFYC 3:30pm - 7:00pm
      27-28 Fall Dinghy Regatta StFYC All Day
      2 Training StFYC 3:30pm - 7:00pm
      16 Training StFYC 3:30pm - 7:00pm
      17 Training StFYC 9:00am - 1:00pm
      1 Training StFYC 1:00pm - 5:00pm
      8-9 Perry Series #2 Coronado YC All Day

      Fees: $250/month

      Covers use of StFYC boat and coaching during training days and regattas, as well as boat transportation to local regattas.

      Travel Regattas (noted in bold)

      Travel Regatta expenses include but are not limited to boat transportation, fuel, coach boat charter, coaches’ transportation, housing and food costs. These expenses will be divided equally amongst the race team members who participated in the regatta and will be applied to each participants’ member accounts unless a previous arrangement has been made. 

Team StFYC - Opti 

This Team is for sailors ages 8 - 14 who have completed the "Introduction to Racing Opti 1" and are ready to get serious about racing. Sailors are designated as Team members at the discretion of the Sailing Director and Head Coach. They start in the Opti Green Fleet and progress to the Championship Fleet. Opti sailors compete year-round. For information, contact Sailing Director Brent Harrill at 415-820-3729 or at [email protected] 

  • Opti Race Team Information
    • 2018/2019 Optimist Race Team Practice Schedule

      Practices will be a combination of Intro To Racing and practice days. All practices will be held on Sundays plus participation in local regattas.

      October, 8:30am–2:00pm
      October, 8:30am–2:00pm
      November, 10:00am—2:00pm
      November, 8:30am–2:00pm
      December, 10:00am–2:00pm
      January, 10:00am–2:00pm
      February, 12:00am–4:00pm
      February, 10:00am–2:00pm
      March, 10:00am–2:00pm


      BAYS Winter Series #1 @ StFYC
      BAYS Winter Series #2 @ SFYC
       BAYS Winter Series #3 @ Encinal Yacht Club
       BAYS Winter Series #4 @ Peninsula Youth Sailing Foundation
      Harken Opti Series #2 @SFYC
      Opti Heavy Weather Regatta/Harken #4 @StFYC

      (Indicates potential travel regatta)

For more information on the StFYC Race Teams and how to get involved, contact Sailing Director Brent Harrill at 415-820-3729 or [email protected].

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