The Cruisers’ Group

Join in the fun! No boat, no problem.

The St. Francis Yacht Club Cruisers’ Group is extremely active, organizing at least ten cruises a year that are open to all members. The cruises typically fall on a weekend and involve a number of unique activities, events and tours in the areas visited. Members are welcome to join the cruises by boat or by car and the Cruisers’ Group is happy to assist in securing transportation for anyone who needs it.

Cruisers’ Group Monthly Meetings

The Cruisers Group has a fun tradition of meeting for a group dinner on the first Thursday of every month. These dinner meetings are open to all members, and typically include a meal and a presentation by a member or speaker about a fabulous international cruising destination. You don’t have to have a boat to share in the camaraderie!

2019 Cruisers’ Group Committee Chairs

Laura and Bruce Rubin, [email protected]

Seamanship SubCommittee

The St. Francis Yacht Club's Seamanship Committee exists to educate members on topics related to safety at sea and general seamanship. Throughout the year, we host free seminars both at the Clubhouse and on Tinsley Island, covering a variety of topics that include Man Overboard, Flares and Signals, Lights on the Bay and more. Check back here for dates of upcoming seminars. Read up on some Seamanship material below: 

When the Lights Go Down in the City: Reading a Sea of Navigational Lights on San Francisco Bay
Sitting in the Main Dining Room, sipping your Sauvignon Blanc, you look out onto the Bay and you see a boat with three bright white lights all in a row on the masthead. You turn to your dinner guests and say, “Hmmm, a long tow over there.” Dang, don’t you feel like Thurston Howell III incarnate? MORE

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