Wednesday Yachting Luncheon
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March 21: A Proper Yachting History of the St. Francis Yacht Club 
RC Keefe, StFYC Historian and Senior Staff Commodore  

Take a stroll through the history of our StFYC with RC, who joined in 1950—just 68 years ago! Who better to describe the yachts and yachtsmen, cutters and characters that created our club? RC‘s dad was among the original 100 members who in 1927 (during the roaring 20s) broke away from the (then Sausalito-based) San Francisco Yacht Club. Did each of the founding members put up $500 in cash and buy a $500 bond to bankroll our fledgling club...on the windiest beach in San Francisco? In 1932, (in the depths of the Great Depression) did members stage a “bond-burning party” in the Men’s Grill (now the “Grill Room”) to throw their bonds in the fireplace—so they would never to be redeemed? 

Wednesday Yachting Luncheon
Wednesday, March 21, 2018 12:00 AM
Buffet at 11:45am; Program begins at 12:30pm.
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