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 Posted On Tuesday, October 02, 2018
A “Relaxing” Month off From School  
Junior member Jacob Kawolski ditched the first month of senior year to race and train at Oakcliff Sailing Center on Long Island. He’s back now and fully amped on big-boat and offshore sailing. He’s also looking for a ride…
 Posted On Tuesday, May 01, 2018
A Day of Sailing I’ll Never Forget 
When we asked St. Francis Junior Sailors to “tell us about a day you’ll never forget”, we had no idea how diverse their answers would be. We heard from Opti kids sailing 29ers and 420 sailors in J/22s. We met an 11-year-old learning how not to capsize, and a 17-year-old reflecting on her fear of capsizing when she was 11. We have Olympic hopefuls and international competitors.
 Posted On Saturday, March 31, 2018
Cruising into Spring 
 Posted On Thursday, March 22, 2018
Ross Schiveley Explains the Magic of Tinsley 
Tinsley Island Chair Greg Wettersten recently sat down with Tinsley Island Manager Ross Schiveley. Says Greg: “My hope is that after reading this, our members have a greater understanding of Tinsley Island through Ross’s eyes so that they might enjoy our Island a little more.”
 Posted On Wednesday, February 07, 2018
Meet the Staff: Jenn Ingham 
This Main Dining Room Maître d' greets you each time you visit for a meal, and makes sure your experience is positive, start to finish. In this month's Meet the Staff, we get to know Jenn Ingham a bit better, including her family, her interests and her favorite parts of her job
Juniors Launch Nacra 15 Program  
In 2017, a hum started to come from the Junior Room. By now, it's grown into a buzz, and its emanating from the C-foils and rudders on the Nacra 15 as it skims through the water at incredible speeds. The buzz has captured the attention of many of our junior sailors. Read all about the newly launched Nacra 15 race program with Head Sailing Coach Adam Corpuz-Lahne...
 Posted On Thursday, February 01, 2018
Showcasing and Celebrating Your Club 
On March 5, the best of the club industry is coming to St. Francis to see why we are consistently rated the #1 yacht club in the country. We have been asked to host the Club Managers of America annual event, and we are honored to do so. Learn what you should know about this event.
Welcome from Your New Chairman 
As Mark McLaughlin steps back into the role of Chairman of the Board, a position he also held in 2006-2007, he presents the membership with information on his personal background, his volunteer experience within the Club and his goals and vision for the year ahead.
There’s Only One 
As Commodore Brandner kicks off her year at the helm of StFYC, she reflects on the spirit of the St. Francis, the uniqueness of the beloved Grill Room, the diversity of the membership and the fact that, just like on our Island, “in all the world, there’s only one…STFYC.”
Meet This Year’s Club Leaders 
On January 9, a new slate of leaders was welcomed in to the St. Francis Yacht Club Board room to serve alongside returning Directors Medea Bern, Dave Wilson, Jr., Pamela Healy and Maurice Fitzgerald, Jr. as well as Vice Commodore Paul Heineken. Here, we get to know them a bit better as members of our club and community.
And the Winners Are… 
At the Annual General Meeting, your Club celebrated its many accomplishments of the past year by awarding perpetual trophies to fourteen exceptional individuals. These award-winners spanned the spectrum from racers to cruisers, teachers to students, Tinsley enthusiasts to Race Committee stalwarts.
 Posted On Tuesday, January 30, 2018
Remembering Ed Bennett 
Ed Bennett joined the St. Francis Yacht Club in 1965. He was the Club’s first Olympian, competing in the Finn class at the 1972 Olympics after winning the US title that same year. In 2013, he was named an Honorary Member. Ed passed away January 7, 2018. Here, his fellow members remember the man:
 Posted On Friday, January 12, 2018
Sailor Spotlight on Aya Yamanouchi 
Aya joined the St. Francis Yacht Club in 2016 and made a splash quickly as she wasted no time getting involved in racing and Race Committee. In two short years she evolved from being a newbie sailor to owning and skippering her very own J/70.
 Posted On Thursday, January 11, 2018
In 2018, Try a New Wine 
Welcome to 2018! As you continue to celebrate the new year, we hope you'll come down to the Club and enjoy some of your old favorite wines and then sample a few of the newer offerings.
 Posted On Wednesday, January 10, 2018
Nicole Breault Named StFYC Yachtsman of the Year 
At the 2018 Annual General Meeting of the membership of the St. Francis Yacht Club (StFYC), Nicole Breault received the Club’s highest honor: the Jerome B. White Yachtsman of the Year. This perpetual trophy is awarded each year to “the member who has made the greatest contribution to the sport of yachting during the preceding year.”
 Posted On Wednesday, January 03, 2018
From the COO/GM: Just Another Day  
“One afternoon in December, one of our vendors visited the Club to meet with me. I found her in the Lobby, marveling at the energetic buzz that permeated the Clubhouse. ‘What’s going on, is there a special event today?’ she asked. I laughed and said, ‘Nope! Just another day at the St. Francis Yacht Club during the holiday season!’”
My Year at the Helm 
From museum visits to wine tastings, sailing clinics to pearl demonstrations, Kathleen Kiriakis filled her year as Women’s Committee Chair to the brink with opportunities for fun and female bonding. She writes, “With great fondness, I will remember all of the good times we had this year.
From the Chairman: 2017 Financials & Operations in Review  
At the end of 2017, Chairman of the Board Robin Driscoll reports that we met our financial targets for the year: our contribution to capital is better than budgeted, new member initiation fees greater than projected and capital expenditures less than anticipated.
From the Commodore: Reflections on a Nautical Adventure 
When Commodore Jim and Kathleen Kiriakis launched into their year at the helm, they put three goals into focus: get more members on the water, welcome new members and burnish our reputation worldwide, all with the theme of “nautical adventure” at the center.
On the Water in 2018 
Welcome to another active year at the St. Francis Yacht Club! In 2018, your Club will focus on powerboat education, intraclub racing and championship regattas, maintaining a well-rounded and active schedule. Here is what you need to know to get out on the water and get involved.
 Posted On Wednesday, December 27, 2017
Oh, the Places We Cruised 
What a year 2017 was for the StFYC Cruisers' Group! We enjoyed some favorite destinations and explored some new ones.
 Posted On Tuesday, December 26, 2017
Daniela Does It Again 
When Daniela was first introduced to the StFYC community, she was a young woman who was charging hard at Crissy Field, quickly rising to the top of the local kiting scene. At 16, she became the youngest-ever recipient of the Rolex Yachtswoman of the Year Award and was recently named as a Nominee for the Award in 2017. She is the two-time Women's Kiting World Champion. To us, she's a hometown hero.
 Posted On Friday, December 22, 2017
College Sailing Insight Night a Success 
StFYC’s first-ever College Sailing Insight session featured 11 of our High School Sailing alumni home from college, sitting on a panel and telling our high schoolers what it’s like at the next level. On Thursday night, the Golden Gate Room was alive.
 Posted On Wednesday, December 20, 2017
What's Cooking with Chef Aaron Johnson 
Dining Committee Chair Karen Growney talks to Chef Aaron Johnson about his path to being a chef, his favorite ingredients, and more.
 Posted On Friday, December 08, 2017
Get to Know: Albert Beltran, Food & Beverage Manager 
Albert Beltran joined the Club earlier this year as our Food & Beverage Manager. You may know him as a smart sommelier or a smiling face in the Main Dining Room. Did you also know he is a classical clarinet player?
 Posted On Friday, December 01, 2017
90 Years Strong: St. Francis Yacht Club’s Best Moments of 2017 
In 2017, the St. Francis Yacht Club celebrated its 90th anniversary in style, with diverse accomplishments on and off the water. Here, we celebrate the best of our year.
From the COO/GM: The Best of 2017  
“December is our busiest month at St. Francis Yacht Club, and probably the most fun for the staff. December also marks the end of an amazing year. Looking back on 2017, several events are prominent in my memory.”
From the Chairman: A Financial and Operational Update 
The Chairman reports on the October financials, including our contribution to capital, the state of our capital accounts and our new-member trends. Looking forward, he reviews the 2018 budget including upcoming union negotiations and capital expenditures.
From the Commodore: My Favorite Things  
“In thinking back on this year, I am reminded of the positive energy and passion for yachting that is shared by our membership. 2017 had so many highlights that exemplify our mission statement.”
 Posted On Monday, November 20, 2017
Outside the Gate with a Boatload of High Schoolers 
“I backed Sea Wisdom off the slip and let the ten young sailors take command of the vessel. I stood, observed and tried not to intervene. They aimed toward the west into the sunset past the Golden Gate Bridge.":
 Posted On Thursday, November 02, 2017
From the Commodore: With Gratitude  
As the busiest part of race season wraps up, Commodore Kiriakis congratulates sailors who have recently competed in regattas here and abroad, flying the StFYC burgee. Then he looks ahead to a fast-approaching holiday season that kicks off with the Commodore’s Ball.
A Junior Sailor's Sea Story: We Laugh to Keep from Capsizing 
On the first day of sixth grade, StFYC summer camp sailor Nicholas Huberty received a writing assignment: “Tell us about your summer.” Nicolas recounted a day of sailing on the Bay that did not end the way he’d hoped it would.
Women's Committee: We Keep Winding Up 
“Even though the calendar days are winding down, the activities for women at the Club continue to wind up.” – Kathleen Kiriakis, Women’s Committee chair. Find out what’s next for the Committee during the holiday months.
 Posted On Wednesday, November 01, 2017
Lessons from a Legend 
In the world of sailing coaches, few names garner as much respect and admiration as Dave Ullman. Coach Adam was lucky enough to serve as Dave’s assistant at the recent Etchells World Championship. The real pleasure for me came in Dave’s daily briefings and debriefs during. Every day, there was at least one little nugget...
Tinsley Island Lottery Reservations Now Open for 2018  
It is time, once again, to submit your requests for accommodations on Tinsley Island for the new year. The Tinsley Island Committee’s goal is to accommodate as many members as possible. We hope you will consider Tinsley Island one of your relaxation destinations for 2018.
 Posted On Wednesday, October 25, 2017
Winning the Hinman 
This past weekend, Team Jet Lag, comprised of St. Francis Race Team members and Stanford Sailing alumni, clinched the US Team Racing National Championship title for the George R. Hinman trophy. The team was composed of Mateo Vargas, Sammy Steele, Oliver Toole, Kelly Ortel, Kevin Laube and Yuri Namikawa, all of whom have been working hard toward this goal for the last couple of years.
The Future of History 
No racing class has a richer history than the Six Metre. And the St. Francis Yacht Club has Six Metre history reaching back to the 1920s. And—We’re back, and we couldn’t be missed at the World Cup in October. Names you know gathered at the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club to sail for the title in these cranky, grand old boats that, foot for foot and pound for pound, are the hardest boats to sail (well) ever conjured in the name of naval architecture.
 Posted On Wednesday, October 18, 2017
Close Sailing at the Cornerstone Cup  
Team StFYC recently traveled across the pond to London, England to compete in the biennial Cornerstone Cup, a Corinthian team race between St. Francis Yacht Club, New York Yacht Club, Royal Yacht Squadron and Royal Thames Yacht Club. This was the 4th edition in the history of the event, and was hosted by Royal Thames Yacht Club
 Posted On Thursday, October 12, 2017
Q&A with Barbara Kuykendall, Co-Chair of the Bike and Toy Drive  
The Bike and Toy Drive is a member-wide effort, but it is thanks to two especially dedicated members that the drive experiences such success year after year. We sat down with "Chief Elf" and Bike Drive Co-Organizer, Barbara Kuykendall, to learn more about the efforts she and her husband, Ed, put into the drive year-round.
 Posted On Monday, October 09, 2017
Hitting Our Stride 
This month marks the two-year anniversary of when four of your Club managers joined the team here at St. Francis Yacht Club. I cannot believe how quickly the time has flown, and I am very glad to know and work with these professionals.
 Posted On Friday, October 06, 2017
SF Yachts of the Depression: Pt 1 of 2 
During the Depression years, yacht racing all but came to an end on San Francisco Bay. The only two yachts that kept the sport alive were the 75ft schooner, Idalia, owned by E. R. Parker of the San Francisco Yacht Club, and the 67ft ketch, Dragoon, owned by Stanley Barrows of the St. Francis Yacht Club. Club Historian RC Keefe has more HERE
 Posted On Sunday, October 01, 2017
Get to Know: Race Director, Jenn Lancaster  
Race Director Jenn Lancaster joined StFYC from Newport Harbor Yacht Club on July 1, right in the heart of racing season. Get to know more about her background in Clubs and on the water, as well as her hopes for the future in this position.
October 2017 Crow's Nest 
General Manager, Paul Koojoolian's monthly summary of Club happenings serves as a high-level understanding of the Club's accomplishments from the point of view of the Club's staff. This month, the Crow's Nest was especially stellar, reflecting a particularly great summer for the StFYC. Read it here or pick up a copy at the Front Desk.
Sailor Spotlight on Elizabeth Little 
Racer, Lawyer, Volunteer and now on her way to being a 2018 Director! Member Elizabeth Little has been enthusiastically involved in the Club for several years. Now, we get to know her a bit more in this Sailor Spotlight.
Coming Into the Home Stretch  
“We’ve officially tuned the corner and head into the home stretch. We fully expect to end our year in good shape.” Chairman Driscoll provides a full report and update on the financials of the Club going into the final quarter of the year.
The Heart of the Season 
“Here at the St. Francis we are lucky to enjoy activities year-round. . . but there are portions of the year that are particularly concentrated with opportunity—seasons in which cruises and regattas are plentiful, temperatures are warmer and the breeze is especially consistent."
Letters from Our Aspiring Olympians  
Jack Sutter and Charlotte Versavel are on a mission to represent the USA and StFYC at the Youth Olympics in Buenos Aires in 2018. Last month, they participated in the Olympic Development Program Clinic at StFYC.
RYS vs. StFYC: An Extravaganza of Competition 
Over Labor Day Weekend, StFYC invited our friends from the Royal Yacht Squadron to share in a weekend extravaganza of competition and camaraderie.
All That Glitters: The Gold of Rolex Big Boat Series 
By all accounts, this year’s Rolex Big Boat Series was a success. The racing was fantastic, the competition steep and the weather ideal for hosting a Grand Prix regatta on San Francisco Bay.
 Posted On Thursday, September 28, 2017
New Dishes, Paired with Something Classic: Suggestions from your Dining Committee  
What’s new on the menu? Chef Aaron has been busy creating fantastic new menu items for us! This month, your Dining Committee walks you through some of our suggestions.
Ten Ways to Make the Most of 
Earlier today, the Club launched a newly designed To help you make the most of your experience, we have created a “top ten” list of website features
 Posted On Sunday, September 17, 2017
Six Perpetual Trophies Awarded on Final Day 
“After four great days of racing on San Francisco Bay in a variety of conditions, we’ve determined the winners of 11 classes, including six perpetual and five class winners,” said Susan Rhune, the regatta co-chair. “
 Posted On Tuesday, September 05, 2017
The Unwritten Rules of the Ronstan Bridge to Bridge 
Thursday, August 31 welcomed the 20th edition of the Ronstan Bridge to Bridge Race hosted by the St. Francis Yacht Club with 39 entries: 26 hydrofoil kites, 8 windsurfers and a handful of cats and moths.
 Posted On Friday, September 01, 2017
StFYC Juniors Hit the Road with Two National Championships 
This past month, Head Sailing Coach Adam Corpuz-Lahne drove the Club’s van and trailer, stacked with a coach boat and two C420s, all the way to Massachusetts to coach our kids in the Buzzards Bay C420 Champs and the C420 National Champs.
From the General Manager: All that, Before September!  
In the month of August, your Club staff was busy! There was Vintners Night and Le Diner in the Clubhouse, J/111 Worlds and Hydrofoil Pro Tour on the water and a great employee party at the SF Zoo. And it’s only now September!
From Chairman Driscoll: Keeping the Membership Updated 
As we enter our busiest time of year, Chairman Robin Driscoll provides updated information about the Club’s financials, re-negotiations of sponsorship contracts, new member recruitment efforts and more. He’s also taking requests for Fireside Chat topics.
Women’s Sailing Camp: Not Just for Kids! 
Last month’s Women’s Sailing Camp welcomed 15 women to a week of learning, fun and bonding on our Tinsley Island. One camper, Cori English, tells us all about the experience and why she believes it changed her life “forever and for the better.”
Sailor Spotlight on Port Captain Chris Lewis 
You’ve seen Chris sailing his Carmelita out on the Bay, and racing her in shorthanded races out the Gate and back. Now, get to know a bit more about his sailing manta, “the more the merrier”, his family, and his duties as StFYC Port Captain.
The History of the Commodore’s Ball  
Did you know that in the early years of the Commodore’s Ball, it was not uncommon to see men dressed in capes and carrying swords? While the dress code has since softened, the Balls have increased in popularity and entertainment value over the years.
The St. Francis Sailing Foundation Goes Full Circle 
The StFSF’s annual auction boasts auction lots that “money can’t buy” all in the name of giving back to the sport of sailing. Member Ruth McCracken shares her story of a recent auction prize and how it set the cherry on top of her birthday tradition
From Commodore Kiriakis: Reflections on the Commodore’s Cruise 
Commodore Kiriakis looks back on a wonderful Commodore’s Cruise in Maine aboard the flagship, Victory Chimes, surrounded by members and friends. Don’t miss Dick Watts’ Chimes poem or the full Cruise photo album with images from the adventure.
 Posted On Sunday, August 27, 2017
Skeleton Key Secures Victory at 2017 J/111 Worlds 
After nine races spread over four grueling days, Peter Wagner’s Skeleton Key (USA 115) is the 2017 J/111 World Champion. Going into day four, this regatta was still anyone’s game, and all eyes were on the top three contenders who had tussled for pole position throughout the regatta.
 Posted On Saturday, August 26, 2017
Chasing Down the Miles at the 2017 J/111 Worlds at St. Francis Yacht Club 
One of the marks of a world-championship-level sailing team is the ability to rapidly adjust to evolving conditions while also being fast at courses of all lengths and shapes. Such was the test today at the 2017 J/111 World Championships, which are being hosted by St. Francis Yacht Club in San Francisco, California and held on the waters of San Francisco Bay, as the race committee sent the eight-strong fleet on a 26.4-nautical-mile tour of the Bay
 Posted On Thursday, August 24, 2017
Splitting Fortunes at the 2017 J/111 Worlds at St. Francis Yacht Club 
Spend enough time sailing on any body of water and it slowly reveals its secrets, giving sailors a set of rules-of-thumb that should—theoretically—be the keys to success, provided that time-honored patterns prove consistent.
 Posted On Wednesday, August 23, 2017
Green Lights Aglow for the 2017 J/111 Worlds at St. Francis Yacht Club 
Pre-racing excitement is already blowing around the docks at St. Francis Yacht Club in San Francisco, California, where the 2017 J/111 Worlds are set to take place from Thursday, August 24 through Sunday, August 27
 Posted On Sunday, August 20, 2017
StFYC Reclaims Hinman Masters Trophy  
After three years of close, but not quite, St. Francis Yacht Club claimed the Hinman Masters Trophy at the New York Yacht Club Invitational Team Race Regatta in Newport, RI, August 18-20.
 Posted On Monday, August 14, 2017
Charting a Course to J/111 Worlds  
Every team’s journey to a starting line is a tale of organization, crew alignment, vessel preparation and practice. Add in international travel, and the complexity snowballs. Then, weave in the pressures and prestige of a World Championship—in this case the 2017 J/111 Worlds—and the situation compounds.
 Posted On Friday, August 11, 2017
From the Chairman: StFYC and the Twin Tunnels  
Recently, your Board of Directors was made aware of the details surrounding the Twin Tunnels Project in the Delta and how it might impact Tinsley Island.
 Posted On Monday, August 07, 2017
Pushing Toward the Pinnacle 
Kiting Continues to Develop on SF Bay as the 2017 Hydrofoil Pro Tour Wraps Up
 Posted On Sunday, August 06, 2017
Day Four: Race to the Podium 
Going into Day Four of the Hydrofoil Pro Tour, conditions were perfect for kiting off of Crissy Field. The sun was out, the wine was up and the racing was going to be fast.
 Posted On Saturday, August 05, 2017
Hydrofoil Pro Tour Day Three: Game On! 
Game on! The fog started parting early today and racing started at 1100 PST. Today brought a combination event with three heats of course-racing followed by the Bay Challenge, which raced to Berkley Pier and back. Now that we have over five races on the books, the dropouts start taking effect. There are battles brewing all over the field and today brought some sailing drama.
 Posted On Friday, August 04, 2017
Hydrofoil Pro Tour Day Two: Racing Abandoned 
Day Two of racing at the 2017 Hydrofoil Pro Tour brought abnormal conditions. The skies filled with clouds and shut down the wind. Brief rain showers passed through as the wind shifts west to south and clocked back. Reports of 2-4 knots, brief surges to 10, and back to nothing kept teasing the racers and Race Committee. At 4:00pm, the official notice came to cancel racing for the day.
 Posted On Thursday, August 03, 2017
Hydrofoil Pro Tour Day One: They're Off! 
The racers were ready, the countdown started ticked, nerves were up, energy was buzzing and BAM! The starting signal sounded and forty-six racers were off the line. The 2017 Hydrofoil Pro Tour kicked off today off of Crissy Field in San Francisco, CA.
Hydrofoil Pro Tour Kicks Off 
This afternoon marks the first of four days of racing for the San Francisco stop of the Hydrofoil Pro Tour, hosted by St. Francis Yacht Club. Forty-six of the world's best kiters are here this weekend, representing 16 nations.
 Posted On Wednesday, August 02, 2017
Bill Lee and Merlin Return to the Transpac After Historic Race 40 Years Ago 
In the 1970s, ultralight-displacement boats from Santa Cruz – ULDBs – changed offshore racing forever, and the boats with the biggest impact were designed by Bill Lee. This talented StFYC raced one of the first ULDBs in the 1977 Transpac and set a record. He entered again in 2017 and beat his 1977 time.
 Posted On Tuesday, August 01, 2017
Sailor Spotlight on Julian Mann 
You may have noticed Julian’s sweetly painted C&C30, Don’t Panic, messing about on the Bay over the last year. Now, get to know the skipper at the helm, including his goals for the Don’t Panic program and his ideas for bolstering the future of the sport.
Noel Omila: So Far, So Good 
“We are now in the middle of the summer season, and so far, so good.” Assistant General Manager Noel Omila fills us in on summer at the St. Francis. As the keeper of club event reservations, he also gives an inside tip on how to get a good seat!
Get to Know: Mario Ascencio 
Main Dining Room server Mario Ascencio has been working in restaurants around San Francisco for 33 years. He recently became a Level One Sommelier and is excited to share his knowledge with the membership. Learn about Mario’s favorite pairings, his career and his family.
Postcards from Summer Sailing Camp  
This summer, StFYC Sailing Camp has welcomed happy campers to the water every week, both at Tinsley Island overnight camp and Cityfront day camp. Our sailing instructors sent us three “postcards,” with an inside scoop of the adventures at camp.
 Posted On Thursday, July 20, 2017
Why Do You Race in the Rolex Big Boat Series?  
What are the critical elements needed to transform a fine sailboat race into a world-class regatta? Rather than pontificating on which finer points inspire sailors to commit time, resources and sailing bandwidth to a given regatta, we reached out to some of the skippers, tacticians and industry professionals who are participating in this year’s Rolex Big Boat Series to get their pulse on what makes this storied regatta hum.
 Posted On Wednesday, July 19, 2017
Tales from the TransPac: StFYC in 2017's Race 
In this year’s Transpac, StFYC was in the hunt. From setting a new course record (Stan Honey) to winning the Barn Door Trophy with a broken port rudder (Manouch Moshayedi) to rationing tortillas on day 7 but finishing 2nd in class on day 10 (Bill Helvestine), our members experienced every facet of this storied race.
 Posted On Thursday, July 13, 2017
When the Lights Go Down in the City: Reading Navigational Lights 
Sitting in the Main Dining Room, sipping your Sauvignon Blanc, you look out into the Bay and see a boat with three bright white lights, all in a row on the masthead. Do you know what it means? The Seamanship Committee breaks down a handful of helpful ways to remember light configurations.
 Posted On Tuesday, July 11, 2017
Thirty Six New Match Racers: Report from Women’s Match Race Clinigatta 
This past weekend, StFYC sailor Nicole Breault and her Vela Racing team organized a match race clinigatta for female sailors from across the US. The event was fully subscribed and 36 women spent three days drilling, then match-racing, in StFYC's J/22s.
 Posted On Saturday, July 01, 2017
Sailor Spotlight on Michael Moradzadeh  
Michael first caught the sailing bug in college, sailing on Lake Lagunita on Stanford’s campus. Since then, he has sailed bigger and faster boats and now competitively races the Santa Cruz 50, Oaxaca, inshore and offshore.
A Word of Thanks from our Employee Scholarship Recipients 
The St. Francis Employee Scholarship supports employees and their families in their pursuit of remarkable opportunities. This month, we hear from scholarship recipients Pedram and Ben Babai, sons of 37-year employee Reza Babai, with an update on their education.
Water Witch Reborn 
In 1936, the 53ft Water Witch met the 50ft Dorade on the racecourse for the first time. Over the years, both have had multiple owners and home ports. This year, Watch Witch reappeared on the Bay, completely refurbished and ready to race.
What Tinsley Island Means to Me 
Tinsley Island Committee Chair Milt Werner has spent much of the past decade immersed in life at the Club and, especially, on Tinsley Island. This month he shares a personal anecdote on his family’s enjoyment of their home-away-from-home.
Kathleen Kiriakis: Dive into Your Membership 
“So, let's say you are a new member of the St. Francis Yacht Club. The best advice I can give you to benefit your overall membership experience is this: get involved.” Kathleen Kiriakis, Chair of the Women’s Committee, provides several ideas on how to get started.
Meet the Staff: JC Garcia 
You likely know Island Supervisor JC Garcia as the guy who is always bustling around Tinsley, repairing things and keeping the islandin ship-shape. Now, we get to know JC behind the scenes, including his Army National Guard career and his passion for cooking.
Island Time: From the Island Manager 
Island Manager Ross Schiveley had a busy winter and spring, keeping the Island afloat through the highest tides we’ve seen in years. Now in the heart of summer, he’s all smiles, excited to welcome members to their favorite outstation.
 Posted On Thursday, June 29, 2017
Top Tips for Tinsley Island 
The Tinsley Committee and the Port Captain would like to gently remind you that our Island is our own small-town oasis. To ensure its peaceful enjoyment by all, please be mindful of these top rules and tips.
 Posted On Tuesday, June 27, 2017
Meet Your Junior Sailing Instructors 
This summer, StFYC will hold seven sessions of sailing camp, three on Tinsley Island and four out of the city clubhouse. All of our instructors are veterans with several years' experience sailing and teaching for the Club.
 Posted On Wednesday, June 21, 2017
Life is Great on Svea 
I was very pleased when Tom Siebel asked me to join a truly all-star crew aboard his beautiful new J Class yacht Svea for the historic J Class regatta in Bermuda, held concurrent with the 35th America’s Cup.
 Posted On Thursday, June 15, 2017
Fight for the Flight: Johnny Heineken and Riley Gibbs’s 2017 Delta Ditch Run 
Last weekend, 138 boats competed in the popular Delta Ditch Run, where they encountered some of the windiest conditions the regatta has seen in years. For some boats, that spelled disaster. But for kitefoilers Johnny Heineken and Riley Gibbs, that spelled an opportunity to set a new course record.
 Posted On Thursday, June 08, 2017
Total Transformation of the Ketch All  
Earlier this spring, Ketch All manager Cheryl Galli and her team unveiled a totally transformed Ketch All with floor to ceiling delights for members, family and friends. Here is how to navigate the five departments within the reimagined space.
 Posted On Tuesday, June 06, 2017
Johnny Heineken Sets New UltraNectar Challenge Record 
This past weekend marked the 38th running of the SF Classic, the longest continuously run long-distance board race in the world. Over the years, much has changed about this San Francisco Bay race—the regatta format, the boards under foot, the sails over head—but one thing remains the same: the competitors keep getting faster.
 Posted On Saturday, June 03, 2017
Junior Sailing Rebooted 
Over a year ago, the Junior Committee and Junior Sailing staff began a deep-dive into our existing sailing program, wondering about the current curriculum and the best way forward. After months of study, collaboration and discussion, they have come up with a solution that will transform our junior sailing program for the better.
 Posted On Thursday, June 01, 2017
From the Commodore: The Maine Objective & Changes to High School Sailing  
With an ongoing focus on all things sailing, Commodore Jim Kiriakis offers a final look into the magic that will be the Commodore’s Cruise in Penobscot Bay, Maine, this July 16-21 (there is still limited room to join this coveted vacation!). Then, he discusses the recent changes to High School Sailing at StFYC, and the reasons behind them.
From the COO/GM: Welcoming Some New Faces 
COO/GM Paul Koojoolian is excited to welcome two new staff members this month, who will both enhance the membership experience. Jenn Lancaster begins as our Race Director on July 1 and Albert Beltran joins us as Food & Beverage Manager in Development on June 6.
From the Chairman: Long Term Thinking & Why We Write 
In recent months, the Chairman and Board of Directors have put an emphasis on long-term planning. With input from member-committees, they are examining future-focused strategies for Tinsley Island and membership structure, among other things. Chairman Robin Driscoll provides an update on this process, as well as a financial report.
Cruise Season Begins on Tinsley 
With Memorial Day Cruise behind us, and Fresh Crew Cruise on the horizon, we are officially into Cruise Season 2017! Tinsley Island Committee Chair Milt Werner reminds members that, while all Cruises are certainly a treat, the Island is worth visiting all summer long.
Dining: What’s New on the Menu? 
The Dining Committee is excited to report on a number of new Club menu items, many of which are a celebration of summer. To whet your palate, here is a taste: Grilled Octopus with Chorizo Meatballs and Lemon Zest, Grilled Peach Salad with Burrata and Arugula, Buttermilk Panna Cotta with Rhubarb Consommé and Fresh Strawberries.
The 6 Metre Syndicate is Alive and Well  
Sting, Scoundrel, Scallywag, Arunga, Lucie: these are the names of the five 6-Metres sailing under the St. Francis burgee. The fleet has grown substantially this year, thanks to the support of the St. Francis International Yacht Racing Foundation who purchased Sting, Scoundrel and Scallywag. Now, our sailors are getting ready for Worlds.
Sailor Spotlight on Eliza Richartz 
Since joining the St. Francis in 2015, this young sailor has been spotted racing Knarrs, 6-Metres, J/22s and just about anything she can get her seaboots on. We sat down with Eliza to get acquainted with her off the water. We learned about her East Coast roots, her Dawn Riley fan status and her plans for sailing to come.
Cruising… of Course! 
While lounging lazily one summer day on Tinsley Island, Tarek Hamid & Nadia Mansour wondered aloud, “What is a retirement strategy that would be good for our spirit, mind and body?” The answer came to them clearly: cruising! Over the next two years, the couple bought a boat, commissioned her, and sailed over 4,000 miles.
 Posted On Tuesday, May 30, 2017
How Does the Club Find a New House Red Wine?  
This summer, a group of dedicated members is on a mission to find the St. Francis Yacht Club a new house red wine, something that lies at the core of any club beverage program.
 Posted On Thursday, May 25, 2017
St. Francis Yacht Club Hires Talented Sailing Professional to Head Race Department  
Beginning July 1, 2017, the St. Francis Yacht Club is proud to announce that Jennifer Lancaster will be at the helm of its robust racing program as the Club's Race Director.
 Posted On Wednesday, May 24, 2017
Registration in Full Swing for 2017 Rolex Big Boat Series at St. Francis Yacht Club 
When it comes to determining the fastest guns in the west, Rolex Big Boat Series has long served as the left coast’s pivotal proving ground. Of the 40 regattas our club hosts each year, this is the signature event and enjoys a proud 52-year history of testing competitors’ skills in the demanding, rewarding conditions of San Francisco Bay.
 Posted On Tuesday, May 09, 2017
When Siebel Met Svea 
By the time Tom Siebel joined the St. Francis Yacht Club in 2009, he had sailed his way through a Laser, kiteboard, Hobie Cat, Nacra 17, Wildcat, SIG45, J/125, Swan 90 and MOD70. What was next for this passionate sailor? The answer came to him when the 1937-vintage line drawings of a J-Boat crossed his desk.
 Posted On Thursday, May 04, 2017
Introducing New SOTS Skipper Gregory Cheng 
The Sons of the Sea are pleased to announce the selection of Mr. Gregory (Greg) Cheng as Director of your Sons of the Sea Men’s Chorus (SOTS). Director Cheng brings with him a wealth of musical leadership experience having conducted ensembles ranging from orchestras to wind ensembles to choruses throughout the Bay Area.
The High Seas Welcome Musical Director Bill Keck 
The High Seas are delighted to be working with a talented new Musical Director, Bill Keck. Bill's experience is both impressive and varied—currently he's both Director of Music at Holy Innocents' Church and plays with Beach Blanket Babylon. Learn about his background, his favorite SF music venue and how he came to work with the High Seas.
 Posted On Monday, May 01, 2017
Meet the Staff: Geovanny Lemus  
You have no doubt seen Geovanny around the clubhouse, setting up, breaking down, and generally taking care of our Club with a smile on his face. As the lead of the set-up team, Geovanny is integral to the Club’s many ongoing meeting and activities. Now, get to know him behind the scenes.
Membership: The Perks of Reciprocal Membership  
Did you know that St. Francis Yacht Club enjoys reciprocal privileges with over 90 private clubs around the world? Simply by being a member here you may enjoy visits to clubhouses near and far. Membership Committee Chair Elizabeth Little reviews this fantastic perk of membership.
Cruisers Group: A Cruise to the Cruise 
Last month, the Cruisers Group enjoyed cruises to Sausalito and Angel Island. Now they are planning their annual “Cruise to the Cruise” for the week preceding the Memorial Day Cruise on Tinsley. Learn about their waypoints and how you can get on board.
Wine Committee: A Treasure Trove 
Your Wine Committee has been busy! Committee member Kim Jones reports on some new additions to the wine menu and provides a sneak preview of this year’s Vintner’s Night. She also recaps the Merry Edwards Winemaker Dinner and looks ahead to the Spottswoode Winemaker Dinner on June 22.
Tinsley Island: Summer Season is Here! 
May 1 marks the official start of the summer season on Tinsley Island, when the launch schedule switches over to a more frequent cadence, the docking fees shift to summer rates, and members begin to flock to our outstation up the Delta. Tinsley Chairman Milt Werner recaps Toiler Season and looks ahead to Cruise and summer season.
From the GM/COO: What It’s All About  
Looking back on the “Grand Weekend”, General Manager Paul Koojoolian provides a recap of the incredible events and activities that filled the Club in the days surrounding our 90th Birthday Party. Over 1,000 members and friends visited the Club in just three days, and it was a weekend to remember!
From the Chairman: Financial Updates and Fireside Chats 
As we launch into May, Chairman Driscoll is pleased to report that the financial performance for the Club remains slightly ahead of budget for the year. He also outlines his and the Commodore’s schedule and topics for Fireside Chats in 2017, which include a Chat about Tinsley Island and another about the membership dues, categories and growth.
From the Commodore: A Range of Prospects  
“As we celebrate our Club’s 90th year, it’s apt that we reflect on our good fortune. How is our Club so auspicious that we constantly enjoy a beautiful location, spectacular fare, high-level sport, adventures, on-the-water skill development, culture, parties and friendship? The secret sauce is our members…”
 Posted On Saturday, April 01, 2017
Preserving our Playground 
As San Francisco sailors, we are intimately connected with the Bay itself. When we look at the water, we see things that non-sailors don’t see. And with the massive amounts of rain this winter, draining down through the Delta and out into the Bay, we’re starting to notice something different on the water. 
Cruising the Century: the 100th Opening Day on the Bay 
The year 1917 was an eventful one. U.S. troops landed in France; the U.S. federal budget was $1.95 billion; and the first Pulitzer Prizes were awarded. Here on San Francisco Bay, it was the first year the Pacific Inter-Club Yachting Association sponsored Opening Day of Yachting Season.
The Making of the Legends of Sailing Regatta 
On Friday, April 21, there is an all-new event that will bridge the gap between our Club’s Legends and Legends-in-the-making. The new regatta is known as the Legends of Sailing. My idea behind it was to create a Club championship showcasing the most members putting skin in the game, and to provide an opportunity to back it up
Meet Pleas Bishop, “Mr. B”, 17-Year Cook at StFYC 
“When I came here 17 years ago, my intentions were to retire. But I fell in love with the place and the people. I like working here, and they like having me. When I walk through that door, this is just like coming home.”
Getting Settled and Getting Going 
Last month, the Commodore and I were in New York to honor Caleb Paine and Daniela Moroz as US Sailing Rolex Yachtsman and Yachtswoman of 2016. It reminded me, again, that not only do we have the best people at the best club, but we are also part of a bigger world of yachting, surrounded by people with common interests who are passionate about our sport.
Traditions that Last 
Not all traditions remain in place forever. Some last a few years, and the world moves on. Some last a very long time, and we have at least one in the St. Francis Yacht Club that was with us at the start and is still with us some 90 years later. That is the sport of yachting. 1928 saw us with a sailing fleet of some 39 sailing yachts. Among them were Rs, Schooners and 6-Metres.
Make the Most of your Membership 
Happy Springtime from your Membership Committee! This is a wonderful time to make the most of your membership by engaging in Club activities and sharing the Club experience with your family, friends, and potential new members. Read about a few of my favorite upcoming events.
Becoming St. Francis  
Did you know that the very first San Francisco Yacht Club was in Mission Bay? Or that our first Commodore was a civil engineer from England who used his professional chops to help construct our yacht club on land fill? How much would you guess our original membership dues were? Explore a timeline of our Club’s founding, spanning from 1869 to 1928, as we prepare to celebrate our 90th birthday.
 Posted On Tuesday, March 28, 2017
San Francisco Cup Returns to StFYC! 
Over the weekend, San Francisco Yacht Club hosted StFYC in the annual San Francisco Cup, featuring three divisions (Open, Women's and Juniors) in a first-to-11 match race series. Both Saturday and Sunday saw highly competitive racing from our skippers Craig Healy, Nicole Breault and Spencer Paulsen. In the end our Club clinched the Cup with a resounding score of 12-6.
 Posted On Thursday, March 23, 2017
San Francisco Cup Turns 50 
"This month marks the 50th anniversary of the San Francisco Cup, a competition between the San Francisco Yacht Club and St. Francis Yacht Club to establish who is the superior club, at least for a year. The first iteration of the Cup, in 1967, featured a best-of-five regatta between two proven racing yachts and sister ships..."
 Posted On Saturday, March 18, 2017
Treasure Island Sailing Center Receives US Sailing Jim Kilroy Outstanding Outreach and Inclusion Awa 
At the 2017 US Sailing National Symposium, US Sailing awarded the Jim Kilroy Outstanding Outreach and Inclusion Award to Treasure Island Sailing Center for creating public access to sailing for thousands of San Francisco Bay Area individuals.
 Posted On Wednesday, March 08, 2017
Help Plant the Tinsley Garden! 
Two years ago, the Toilers started a garden on Tinsley Island with the purpose of growing vegetables for members to enjoy throughout the season. Now, growing season is upon us and the Toilers are looking for gardening enthusiasts to help improve the garden and select better crops for the Delta environment.
 Posted On Tuesday, March 07, 2017
Sailors Put to the Test at Spring One Design Regatta  
This past weekend, seven Express 27s, five Melges 24s, seven Moore 24s and twenty J/105s kicked off the spring sailing season with Spring One Design at StFYC. Competitors sailed through three races on Saturday and two on Sunday, and all present got to enjoy a rocking Mardi Gras social, with food straight from the Bayou.
Cruising into 2017—A “Journey” Near & Far 
In recent years, Bruce & Laura Rubin cruised aboard their powerboat, Journey, throughout the Pacific Northwest and the Bay Area. Now, they are excited to take the baton from Doug & Tamara Thorne as they become the 2017 StFYC Cruisers Group chairs.
 Posted On Saturday, March 04, 2017
Try out Team Racing 
On the first weekend in February, we hosted Team Race 101, a two-day clinic that combined on-water training with chalk talks. The Clinic was fully subscribed and, despite the rain, our 40 attendees had a fantastic time. They learned a lot and we all agreed it was a great way to kick off the season.
 Posted On Thursday, March 02, 2017
Junior Sailors Report from Optimist Nations Cup in Spain 
In late February, member Ethan Sargent, age 10, traveled to Palamos, Spain to represent Team USA at StFYC at the Optimist Nations Cup. There, he went up against 550 Opti sailors from 27 countries. Read more here.
 Posted On Wednesday, March 01, 2017
Go Sailing! 
The rallying cry of St. Francis Yacht Club in 2017 is: Go sailing! There are numerous opportunities to do this year whether it’s racing a big boat, kiting on the Bay, trying your hand at team racing or chartering a J/22. This month, we present you with several ways to, simply, go sailing!
From the GM: Stepping up to the Plate  
Paul Koojoolian became Controller of St. Francis Yacht Club back in 2008 and says, “I never imagined I would someday have the opportunity to become the General Manager of the #1 Yacht Club in America. Now, almost nine years later, I am honored and humbled to take on this role.”
From the Chairman: Welcome our New General Manager 
Chairman Robin Driscoll reports that, effective March 1, Paul Koojoolian has been named the General Manager and COO of St. Francis Yacht Club, citing Paul’s “leadership performance, operational involvement and understanding of the needs of staff and membership”.
From the Commodore: Get Out There! 
The Commodore reviews several upcoming opportunities for members to get out on the water in 2017, including the Women’s J/22 Clinic, the San Francisco Cup, the Legends of Sailing Regatta and the Champagne Cup. He also gives a shout-out to the incredible entertainment line-up showcasing at the Club this month.
Congratulations 2016 Junior Sailing Award Winners 
In late January, the Junior Department hosted a celebratory dinner and awards ceremony for our 2016 junior sailors. Most Outstanding and Most Improved awards were presented to the Spring, Summer and Fall Programs along with the Race Team and High School Sailing Teams.
The Opti Race Team Wants You to Opti In! 
Just over a year ago, a handful of St. Francis Yacht Club families came together to galvanize the club’s Opti Race Team. Mike Mahoney, father of stellar Opti sailor Sean Mahoney, discusses the structure of the program as well as its goals. He encourages all competitive young StFYC sailors to, “Opti In!”
From the Junior Room: Cannonball! 
Last month, Commodore Kiriakis wrote about “diving into the deep end” in 2017. Junior Committee chairman Jon Paulsen reports, “We are cannonballing!” Read about the Junior Committee’s goals and ideas for 2017, including their continued focus on generating world-class racers straight from our Junior program.
 Posted On Tuesday, February 28, 2017
Sailor Spotlight on Daniela Moroz, StFYC Co-Yachtswoman of the Year 
This week, 16-year-old Daniela Moroz will fly to New York City and make her way to the New York Yacht Club where she will be named the 2016 US Sailing Rolex Yachtswoman of the Year. We sat down with Daniela at the Club to ask her a few questions about this prestigious honor, and the journey she traveled to earn it.
Sailor Spotlight on Nicole Breault, 2016 StFYC Co-Yachtswoman of the Year 
In 2016 Nicole Breault competed in regattas from Chicago to Patagonia, proudly flying the StFYC burgee and furthering the Club's reputation with every win. At the 2016 Annual General Meeting, Nicole's phenomenal year was recognized when she was awarded StFYC Yachtswoman of the Year (an honor shared with Daniela Moroz). Here we catch up with Nicole to look back on the highlights and challenges of her 2016 season and see what's in store for her this year.
 Posted On Thursday, February 16, 2017
Recent Improvements to your Club’s Library 
Over the course of the fall, Club Librarian John Harrington assiduously organized the entire Club Library collection, dividing it into sections that are now clearly marked on shelves around the room
 Posted On Wednesday, February 01, 2017
Meet the Club’s 2016 Annual Award Winners 
On January 10, 2017, Commodore Kimball Livingston stood before a captive audience in the Main Dining Room to announce the winners of the Club’s 2016 perpetual trophies. These winners represent the best of our esteemed membership, and range from an enthusiastic youngster learning to sail at Tinsley Island to a World Champion earning his third international title.
Introducing the 2017 Board of Directors 
The new year brings with it a new Board of Directors. Beginning their watch are Directors Pamela Healy, Dick Watts and Dave Wilson, Jr., along with newly appointed Rear Commodore Paul Heineken. Here, each of these leaders provide an introduction, giving us some insight into their life at the Club as well as their vision for 2017.
From the Commodore: Diving into the Deep End  
In Commodore Kiriakis’ first column at the helm, he thanks the 2016 leadership and warmly welcomes those who will be leading with him in 2017. The Commodore also lays out his vision for the year, which includes getting more members on the water and welcoming more new members by referral.
From the Chairman: The Five Foci of 2017 
At the 2016 Annual General Meeting, Chairman Robin Driscoll announced the Board of Director’s five major focuses for 2017, which are: capital reserves and cash management; membership development, retention and affordability; sponsorship development; junior and outreach programs and operational efficiencies.
Casting Off on Our Nautical Year 
Kathleen Kiriakis is excited to chair the Women’s Committee and, alongside Commodore Kiriakis, announces that her “theme” will be, simply, nautical. She shares plans to get more members on the water and to provide the Women’s Committee with plenty of fun ways to get involved.
Meet the Incoming President of StFSF 
Bill Kreysler has been involved in sailing philanthropy since the mid-1970s. Along the way, he has been a pillar of leadership and mentorship in Bay-Area sailing. As he takes the helm of the Sailing Foundation, Bill shares his story and enumerates the Foundation’s recent charitable activity.
Planning for the 2017 Toiler Season 
It’s never too early to plan your trips to Tinsley Island, our beloved outstation up the Sacramento Delta. This year’s dates have been posted for member Cruises and Toiler Weekends. Tinsley Chairperson Milt Werner shares these dates, plus several important Tinsley updates and reminders.
It Takes Great New Members to Keep the Club Great! 
As Brendan Bradley takes on his new role of Chairperson of Membership Development, he announces his Committee’s plans for the year, including the dates of prospective member events. He also discusses new member recruitment and the importance of sharing a club you love.
 Posted On Sunday, January 01, 2017
Junior Sailing Highlights of 2016 
Head sailing coach Adam Corpuz-Lahne looks back on the Junior sailors’ highlights of the past year, including a trip to Sweden, placing at the Club 420 North American Championship, and winning the Area G Sears Cup, Area G Smythe and Women’s Formula Kite World Championship.
Time to Say Hello: The Commodore's Final Column  
“The next time we meet, I will probably be dressed as a ‘civilian.’ Do say hello, if you recognize me. I used to be the Commodore, and yes, it was the experience of a lifetime. I especially liked the good parts.”
Wining and Dining in 2017 
As we enter a new year of enjoying life at St. Francis Yacht Club, members of the Wine Committee and Dining Committee came together to talk about some of their favorite appetizers, entrees and beverages at the Club. Learn what they are eating and drinking in 2017!
Get to Know Waterfront Director Hannah Biehl 
You may recognize Hannah as the woman who tied up your boat, launched your J/22 or managed the dock plan for your favorite regatta in 2016. Now, get to know our Waterfront Director behind the scenes, including her hobbies and interests and her personal sailing history.
Sailor Spotlight on Lawson Willard Jr.  
Lawson Willard Jr. started sailing at age six and went through the ranks of Bay Area sailing, competing in Optis for several years before jumping into a Laser, only to discover his true passion. He is now racing for the College of Charleston. Learn about Lawson’s sailing journey, sailing role models and future sailing goals.
From the Chairman: Wrapping up 2016, Strategies for 2017 
As we wrap up 2016, Chairman Robin Driscoll provides a financial update and discusses changes in capital dues. He thanks the Commodore, Directors and Appointed Officers who supported him through a successful year. Finally, he provides the membership with a taste of what’s in store for 2017.
From the Acting General Manager: Holiday Behind Us, Projects Ahead 
Acting General Manager Paul Koojoolian looks back on the holiday season at StFYC when hundreds of joyous members enjoyed their Club. As we enter 2017, he also provides the membership with an update on all of the “house cleaning” projects scheduled this January.
From the Commodora: Carrying the Flame  
“To those who ask, ‘What will you do next year?’ It’s simple. I’ll enjoy knowing that 2016 was full. I’ll ride that wave.” Commodora Livingston looks back on her year at the helm of the Women’s Committee, remembering wonderful events and her fellow members who made them a reality.
 Posted On Thursday, December 01, 2016
From the Wine Committee: Adding Diversity and Depth to the Wine List 
Recently the Wine Committee has been focused on diversifying the Club’s wine list, with the addition of new Syrahs, French Burgundies and even a few festive bubblies. They announce a holiday wine sale and also release the dates and names of 2017’s spring Winemakers Dinners.
Sixteen Great Moments of 2016  
In 2016, members of St. Francis Yacht Club shattered records and won races the world around. Sailing on kites, catamarans, dinghies and keelboats, our sailors earned their place at the top over and over again. Daniela Moroz became the ladies’ kiting champion of the world. Mike Martin and Adam Lowry won 505 Worlds. Caleb Paine won a Bronze medal. And that’s just the beginning! Read about sixteen of the year’s greatest on-water victories and most accomplished sailors.
From Tinsley Island: Our Successful Season Wraps Up  
In 2016, the Tinsley Toilers completed numerous projects to improve our island and they aren’t stopping any time soon! The list of 2017’s toiler projects is already 27 projects long, and Toiler weekends are open for registration. Committee Chair Milt Werner also thanks his 2016 Committee.
Cruisers Group: Reviewing a Year of Travels  
In 2016, StFYC’s Cruisers Groups enjoyed several great adventures together, including a cruise to Napa Valley, to Marin Yacht Club, to Half Moon Bay and even to Catalina for the Commodore’s Cruise. Three-year Committee Chair Doug Thorne celebrates the end of his tenure with a look back.
Women’s Committee: Knotty, Nice and the History of Holiday Decorating 
In December, the Club will be decked out in holiday décor, thanks to the careful work of Karla Andersen and her holiday decorating committee. Commodora Lourdes Livingston takes us on a journey of holiday decorating through the ages, which has included international wreath exchanges, a full-size cherry picker and more.
Who ARE We? 2.0 
Amidst the merriments of the holiday season, Commodore Livingston revisits his theme of “who are we?”, this time shining on a light on the staff of St. Francis Yacht Club. He gives a nod to those past and a “thank you” to those present.
Financials and Fireside Chats  
As we approach the close of the financial year, your staff and Board are pleased to report that we will end on a positive financial note with a larger contribution to capital than budgeted. The Chairman of the Board also announces another Fireside Chat on December 14.
 Posted On Friday, November 11, 2016
St. Francis Yacht Club Named Number One Yacht Club in the Country 
This week, Platinum Clubs of America released its list of the Top 20 Yacht Clubs in America 2016-2018. St. Francis Yacht Club ranked number one in the nation, a distinction we were also honored to receive in 2012 and 2014.
 Posted On Wednesday, November 02, 2016
Top Five Advantages of Making a Dining Reservation 
The Dining Committee prides itself in being skilled patrons of the St. Francis Yacht Club dining spaces. In this month’s column, they offer a word of advice on reservations, and why making dining reservations at the club can make all the difference when it comes to your dining service and experience.
6 Metre Racing Then and Now  
Last month’s 6 Metre North Americans brought 11 gorgeous 6-Metre boats to our Club where they competed in a regatta that was as beautiful to watch as it was intense to compete in. Club Historian S/C RC Keefe offers perspective on this boat and its place in StFYC history, starting in 1915 and going through the present.
News from the ICOYC Forum in Copenhagen 
This past September, Staff Commodores McNeill and Dort represented St. Francis Yacht Club at the 10th Annual International Council of Yacht Clubs Forum, hosted by the Royal Danish Yacht Club in Copenhagen. The theme was “Reinventing our Clubs and Sport” and the Commodores returned home with a bevy of knowledge to share.
 Posted On Wednesday, October 26, 2016
Jessica Cup Classic Yacht Regatta Wrap-Up 
Last Saturday a dozen classic yachts of various rigs and sizes competed in the Jessica Cup. Two races were run off the StFYC race deck and by the end of the day some familiar names topped the leader board.
 Posted On Monday, October 24, 2016
Parker Klebahn Reflects on Under-21 Laser Worlds 
This past August, StFYC Junior sailor Parker Klebahn was selected as one of eight U.S. sailors, age 17-21, to represent the country at Laser Under-21 Worlds in Kiel, Germany.
 Posted On Sunday, October 23, 2016
Silvestri Wins 6 Metre North Americans with Richartz Hot on his Heels  
The 2016 International 6 Metre North American Championship and Fall Invitational 6 Metre Regatta concluded today at St. Francis Yacht Club with Russ Silvestri (StFYC) taking first aboard Sting...
 Posted On Monday, October 17, 2016
Team StFYC Wins U.S. Adult Sailing Championship 
On Saturday, October 15, St. Francis Yacht Club won the 2016 US Adult Sailing Championship with skipper Russ Silvestri, Mario Yovkov, Maggie Bacon and John Collins.
 Posted On Thursday, October 06, 2016
St. Francis Sailing Foundation to Double Membership Giving to the Sea Scouts 
Good news. StFYC has responded generously to the Commodore's Call for donations to the Sea Scouts. We want their damaged, historic whaleboat, Viking, back on the water. Now the St. Francis Sailing Foundation is jumping in with a matching grant of up to $3,000.
 Posted On Sunday, October 02, 2016
Catapult Wins the 2016 Alcatel J/70 Worlds Hosted by St. Francis Yacht Club 
After a full week of hotly contested racing at the 2016 Alcatel J/70 Worlds, Joel Ronning’s Catapult (USA 187) claimed the title of World Champions.
 Posted On Saturday, October 01, 2016
Juniors Recap Summer and Kick into High School Season  
Our Junior sailors were busy this summer, sailing in summer camps on Tinsley Island and Cityfront and training and competing at venues all over the world. In September, we launched into another high school season with nearly 60 kids sailing out of the Club every week
Rio Reflections: Members Share their Olympic Experiences 
This August, four of our members—Caleb Paine, Marion Lepert, Helena Scutt and Paige Railey—competed in Olympic sailing in Rio de Janeiro. That’s more than any other yacht club in the world. Now, we hear from Caleb, Marion and Helena about their experiences in Brazil, as well as their gratitude looking back.
Tinsley Island Transitions to Fall  
What a wonderful summer on the island! With five great Cruises and innumerable perfect summer nights behind us, it’s clear that Tinsley Island did not disappoint. Now we transition to Fall with a new seasonal launch schedule and a look ahead to 2017 Toiler dates, housing lottery and more.
Dreaming Provence (And it’s great to be an American) 
“Women’s Cruise 2016 transformed Tinsley into a ‘Weekend in Provence’ drenched in sunflowers, lavender and pastel, a masterpiece executed by creative vision, dexterity and imagination…‘A Feast for the Senses’ could have subtitled the cruise. ‘A Perfect Weekend’ will do.”
Annual Bike and Toy Drive Aims to be the Largest Yet  
Every year, the St. Francis Yacht Club is the #1 provider of donated gifts and bikes to the SFFD’s annual bike and toy drive. Since 1999 we have gifted 2,500 bikes and thousands of toys to this cause and we’re ready to do it again. In fact, we want this to be our biggest drive yet!
At the Risk of Confusing You 
The Commodore reports: “I expected to be announcing an assessment along about now. It was never going to be as big as the biggest numbers in the rumor mill, but—There’s a better plan.” Going into budget planning for 2017, the Commodore will be urging the Board to adopt a capital dues program.
Fireside Chats in Review  
In September, the Commodore and the Chairman hosted two fully subscribed “Fireside Chats” to discuss the state of the Club. Those who attended indicated that the information provided and the discussions that followed were all appreciated. For those who did not attend, read about some of the discussions here.
 Posted On Tuesday, September 27, 2016
Cutthroat Competition on Day One of the 2016 Alcatel J/70 Worlds Hosted by St. Francis Yacht Club 
World Championship regattas always generate high-level competition, but when you stack 68 of the world’s most popular One Design boats on San Francisco Bay in a crisp, late-September breeze, you can bet your last shackle that the competition will be ferocious.
 Posted On Monday, September 26, 2016
Phenomenal Sailing and World-Class Talent Expected at the 2016 Alcatel J/70 Worlds  
Summer’s days may be numbered, but this comes as welcome news to all sailors participating in the 2016 Alcatel J/70 Worlds hosted by the St. Francis Yacht Club, as fall’s arrival neatly dovetails with the start of what promises to be a world-championship regatta for the ages.
 Posted On Wednesday, September 14, 2016
Friends in Need: Aiding the Sea Scouts After Boat Capsize 
Some of our fellow members have already stepped up to help the Sea Scouts recover from capsize damage to their whaleboat, Viking. I write now to urge that more of us do the same.
 Posted On Monday, September 12, 2016
Chris Perkins Wins 48th International Knarr Championship 
All week, the Club’s yardarm proudly flew three flags to denote the 48th annual International Knarr Championship: the Danish, the Norwegian and the American. Raced between sailors from all three countries, this year's IKCs were rife with tough competition and great camaraderie. In the end, local Knarr talent Chris Perkins came away with the win.
 Posted On Thursday, September 08, 2016
Not Just a Boat: Halfway Through IKCs at StFYC 
With five races down and five to go, the International Knarr Championship is off to a great start. PRO Bartz Schneider reported perfect conditions and the twenty-five teams have demonstrated very competitive sailing. Above all, this fleet stands out for its tradition, its camaraderie and its spirit.
 Posted On Friday, September 02, 2016
Regatta Preview: 48th International Knarr Championships 
Picture a fleet of gorgeous classic Knarrs plying the Bay. This championship rotates every three years between Norway, Denmark and San Francisco and welcomes die-hard Corinthian sailors to compete in locally owned boats.
Regatta Preview: 52nd Rolex Big Boat Series 
Since it began in 1964, the Big Boat Series has been recognized as the premier West Coast regatta. Now in is 52nd edition, this will be our largest Big Boat Series ever, with more than 125 entries and counting.
Regatta Preview: Alcatel J/70 Worlds  
This sportboat is the fastest-growing class in the history of the sport with over 1,100 hulls built since the boat launched in 2011. Now at its third-ever Worlds, the class is anticipating over 85 boats to be on the line.
From the Commodore: Make Your Legend  
On the brink of the largest Big Boat Series in history, Commodore Kimball Livingston reflects back on the regatta’s 52 years of growth, including his personal experiences racing aboard the 72-foot Windward Passage. Through the “ever-changing, ever-evolving” Series, Commodore Livingston says, “Every generation makes its own legends.”
From the Chairman: September Financials  
July is traditionally a slow month for business at the Club, but the Chairman reports that, “We remain ahead of our annual contribution to capital projection and expect to close the year on budget or slightly better.” Read about the Club’s financials and the Chairman’s thank-yous for an excellent Commodore’s Cruise.
From the COO/GM: To Be a Part of This 
In the beginning of August, General Manager and COO, JJ West experienced a single week that he says, “encapsulated the multi-faceted value of membership at StFYC.” Read about the member activities and accomplishments that comprised that week, and how it helped JJ define the value of membership at StFYC.
Meet Scholarship Recipient Pedram Babai  
Each year, members of StFYC donate generously to the Employee Scholarship Fund that supports the children and families of our employees who are pursuing their education. This month, we interviewed scholarship recipient Pedram Babai (son of longtime cook Reza Babai) who is studying microbiology.
Introducing Corovin at the Club  
This month, StFYC Sommelier Wendy Shoemaker introduced an all-new Corovin Wine List to the Club, featuring some of the highest-end wines in the Club’s cellars. A Corovin is an innovative wine device through which your server can extract a single glass of wine without even removing the cork.
 Posted On Friday, August 26, 2016
Leccese Sets New Ronstan Bridge to Bridge Course Record 
They say records are made to be broken, and for kiters on San Francisco Bay, that continues to be true. On Thursday, August 25, in 18 knots of breeze and a ripping 2.5-knot flood tide, Italian foil boarder Rikki Leccese set a new Ronstan Bridge to Bridge record of 10:31, shattering Johnny Heineken’s existing 12:00 record. Leccese’s average speed was 33 knots over the 5.8-nautical-mile racecourse.
 Posted On Monday, August 01, 2016
From the Chairman: August Financials and Fireside Chats  
Going into August, your Club is ahead of budget; the Chairman breaks down some of those details in this month’s column. He also introduces “Fireside Chats” during which the membership is invited to discuss important Board issues with the Flag Officers at two different informal meetings this fall.
From the COO/GM: My First Year in Review 
StFYC’s General Manager and COO, JJ West, reviews his first full year at the helm of the St. Francis Yacht Club. He reviews some of his greatest early challenges and subsequent accomplishments and offers words of thanks to the multitude of members who helped him navigate the past twelve months.
From the Commodore: Who ARE We?  
“In our 89th year, St. Francis Yacht Club is not what we were when the Club began. Membership was small, and those men (all men) were financial rock stars before there were rock stars. Now we’re eight times their number, and we have people who make sacrifices to be part of this. Because ‘this’ matters. This rocks.”
Sailor Spotlight: Sean Kelly  
Fourth generation San Franciscan Sean Kelly first fell in love with sailing through a picture book his parents purchased for him. From there, he learned to windsurf, joined the Coast Guard and went on to represent the armed services in several international windsurfing competitions.
Back to the Future at the International Knarr Championships 
When Knud Wibroe first saw Knarrs sailing on San Francisco Bay in the 1960s, he had a vision of a weekly racing series. Now, that vision has expanded into a thriving local fleet that is preparing to host the 2016 International Knarr Championships. Knud, by the way, is still sailing Knarrs. And still winning.
Meet the Staff: Sous Chef Shane Dare 
If you have enjoyed a meal at the St. Francis Yacht Club within the past few months, chances are you have gotten to experience some of Chef Shane’s cooking. Since the age of 16, Shane has been pouring his heart and his hard work into his cooking career.
Happy Campers at StFYC Summer Sailing Camp 
Each summer, StFYC hosts several weeklong summer sailing camps, both on Tinsley Island and on Cityfront. This year’s instructors sent in some photos and stories to the Mainsheet to tell us about sailing camp thus far, including the joys they have found in teaching our youngest sailors how to love the sport.
Fresh Crew, Defined 
The Fresh Crew of the St. Francis Yacht Club are known as both the “young” and the “young at heart.” In this month’s feature story, Fresh Crew Chairperson Noelle Phillips digs into what it means to be a part of Fresh Crew, including how she got her start and how other members can get involved.
 Posted On Monday, July 25, 2016
Warrior Sailing Program Meets Great Challenges on San Francisco Bay 
Between a slippery deck, a squirrely pole and an unruly spinnaker, running the foredeck on a J/22 is no simple task. Doing so blind is simply incredible. And still, Scott Ford, veteran of the United States Navy, insists on running foredeck when he races a J/22. Scott is a participant in the Warrior Sailing Program, which recently found its way to San Francisco Bay to train on J/22s out of the St. Francis Yacht Club.
 Posted On Friday, July 22, 2016
StFYC Poised to Win Big at Pacific Cup  
Last week, visitors to the StFYC were treated to a series of eight of picture-perfect starts just off our Clubhouse as dozens of boats began the 2016 Pacific Cup race to Hawaii. This has been a record-breaking year for the race and several of the top finishers are sailing under the StFYC burgee.
Team StFYC Wins 2nd at 6 Metre Europeans 
On Tuesday, July 19, the Six Metre Europeans concluded on Lake Lucerne in Brunnen, Switzerland. St. Francis Yacht Club was well represented with two boats in the Modern Division—Sting skippered by Russ Silvestri and Scoundrel skippered by Eliza Richartz—as well as Lucie in the Classic Division, owned by Matt Brooks. In all, there were 15 boats representing six countries in the Modern Division and Sting was proud to finish in 2nd place.
Savoring Summertime: Announcing several new menu items plus Tinsley’s new wine list  
Summer in San Francisco may be chilly, but things are heating up in the St. Francis galley! On July 13, Executive Chef Aaron Johnson introduced a few new items to our clubhouse dining menus. Whether you are looking for a light snack before you head out on the water, or you plan to share a romantic dinner in the Main Dining Room, these new dishes are sure to enhance your dining experience.
 Posted On Friday, July 15, 2016
Silvestri and Richartz Report from 6 Metre European Championships  
Since 1937, the St. Francis Yacht Club has enjoyed a rich and successful history in international yacht racing within the 6 Metre Class. Our members have raced these yachts all over the world and now, we’re doing it again.
Top Kiters to Race at StFYC in Hydrofoil Pro Tour 
Since its earliest days, our Club, our members, and our Bay have all been established as pillars in the sport of kite racing. Continuing the tradition, St. Francis Yacht Club is preparing to host the second stop of the Hydrofoil Pro Tour this August 4–7. Forty of the world’s top kiting competitors are expected to come to San Francisco to race off Crissy Field, one of the best kite-racing venues in the world.
 Posted On Wednesday, July 13, 2016
Under Sail: Daily Reports from our Juniors in Sweden  
Six of StFYC’s Juniors are spending this week in Sweden with Head Coach Adam Corpuz-Lahne, participating in what has become an annual youth sailing exchange between StFYC and the Royal Swedish Yacht Club (KSSS) in Stockholm, Sweden.
How Warrior Sailing Came to the St. Francis Yacht Club 
This Thursday, St. Francis Yacht Club welcomes the Warrior Sailing Program for four days of intensive training on San Francisco Bay. These wounded, ill and injured active duty service members and veterans will be staying on members’ boats, spending time in the clubhouse and sailing our J/22s in preparation for the J/22 Open Worlds in Ontario next month.
 Posted On Monday, July 11, 2016
Member Ed Cotter, Jr. Establishes Annual Navigation and Seafaring Award at the U.S. Naval Academy  
The next time you are in Annapolis, Maryland take some time to visit the Naval Academy and the Robert Crown Sailing Center. The Sailing Center is home to the Collegiate Sailing National Hall of Fame and now the newly established Cotter Family Navigation Award, among other interesting exhibits.
 Posted On Friday, July 08, 2016
Wounded Vets Prepare to Train at St. Francis Yacht Club 
When Jen French started looking for venues to host training camps for Warrior Sailing—comprised of wounded, ill and injured active duty service members and veterans—San Francisco was at the top of her list. She wanted a venue with reliably challenging sailing conditions near a vibrant city so she brought the idea to Commodore Livingston.
 Posted On Friday, July 01, 2016
Life After High School Sailing 
Each year, StFYC graduates a pool of talented High School seniors and many of them go on to race in College, some at schools that are perennial contenders for top honors. Coach Adam sat down with three recent grads who are racing in college—at Boston College, Tufts and Georgetown—to learn about the experience thus far and see how StFYC helped prepare them.
Greetings from the Island Manager 
For the past seven years, Ross Shiveley has worked hard to preserve the “primitive elegance” of Tinsley. Now, he provides an update on the Island as well as a look into his personal island philosophy.
Tinsley Tales 
Those who love Tinsley know that its true magic comes from the people who spend time there. Whether it’s a young family just discovering it, a group of old friends enjoying an annual “Meatfest” or a mythical Gnome that keeps showing up, no two Tinsley Tales are the same.
Get to Know: Steven Marion, Dockmaster 
Steven first started working on Tinsley Island as the Launch Driver. Over the course of a few years, he graduated college and worked his way up as Supervisor and now, Dockmaster. Learn about Steven’s new role, what he will be doing on Tinsley and what he does for fun off the Island.
From the Commodore: Red, White, Blue and Medium Green  
As the Commodore packs his bags to celebrate Independence Day on Tinsley Island, he gives a nod to two of the things he treasures most about the Club’s patriotic spirit: the tradition of the Colors ceremony at Tinsley and our ceaseless efforts to be green in the City and on the Island.
From the COO/GM: We’re on a Roll! 
Throughout the year, COO/GM JJ West has noticed that different segments of the Club experience flourishes of activity. Now, it seems the flourishes are all around: in Race with its 17 days on the water in July; on Tinsley Island with its Cruises, summer camps and Theme parties; amongst the Juniors and here in the Clubhouse.
From the Chairman: A Midyear Report  
As we enter the midway point of the year, your Chairman of the Board is pleased to report that your club is tracking to beat budget by 42%. The sources of cost savings are diverse, and include an uptick from Race and a strong retention rate in personnel. The Chairman also provides various updates on our capital reserves and planning.
Sailor Spotlight: Helena Scutt, USA Olympic Sailor 
In just one month, Helena Scutt departs for Rio to represent Team USA in the Olympics. She has conquered a number of remarkable hurdles on her journey to Team USA including double carpel tunnel surgery and making a tough decision to put her graduate education on hold. In this Sailor Spotlight, we get to know Helena on and off the water.
 Posted On Friday, June 24, 2016
Meet the Woodies: a Breakdown of this Weekend’s Classic Racers  
This evening, a full weekend of classic yacht racing will begin at the St. Francis Yacht Club’s Woodies Invitational Regatta. Among the most popular and competitive events of the season for the Bay’s wooden boat classes, the “Woodies” will begin tonight at 6:00pm with a single twilight race. There will be an additional four to five races over the weekend.
 Posted On Wednesday, June 22, 2016
What a Grown-Up Can Learn at an Opti Regatta  
This past weekend, I had the pleasure of chairing the Opti Heavy Weather Regatta at St. Francis Yacht Club. There were 57 competitors—11 in the Green fleet and 46 in the Open fleet—hailing from many West Coast latitudes including Cabrillo Beach, California Yacht Club, San Diego, Santa Barbara, Seattle and Willamette, plus nine competitors from Canada.
 Posted On Monday, June 20, 2016
Pasquali Sets New Delta Ditch Record on a Kite  
On June 4th, over 150 boats raced 67 nautical miles in the 26th annual Point Richmond to Stockton Race, also known as the “Delta Ditch Run.” Among the fleet was member Joey Pasquali who was pursuing a longtime goal to become the first kiter to complete the Delta Ditch, crushing the preexisting record by several hours.
 Posted On Wednesday, June 01, 2016
The Origins of Fresh Crew 
Fresh Crew first came to be in the ‘80s when a dozen hardcore racers carved out a space for themselves in Club life. It quickly grew to include an epic hoe-down in the Clubhouse and a creative Cruise to Tinsley that involved tents pitched on houseboats.
Sailor Spotlight on Al Sargent 
Al grew up sailing at the St. Francis Yacht Club, racing Lasers with the Junior Program at Tinsley Island and along the California coastline. Today, he’s a V15 National Champion, a Laser Masters National Champion and a proud Opti dad.
From the Chairman: Behind the Scenes 
In addition to his regular updates on Club business and finances, Chairman Robin Driscoll provides a behind-the-scenes look at the long-range conversations being held by our Board. Read about their strategic thinking and forecasting for multiple administrations.
From the Commodore: Send me in Coach  
“In our 89 years, whenever the game got tough, there was always someone to say: Send me in, coach.” Commodore Kimball Livingston speaks to the Club’s long-standing tradition of stalwart dedication from steadfast members.
The 30-Year Club 
Who better to recall the history of our club than the staff who have lived to see it unfold? Since the beginning, StFYC has seen several employees build entire careers here. Currently, there are six staff members who have been with us for over 30 years.
Every Week, a New Story 
Each year, the Wednesday Yachting Luncheon welcomes 50 unique speakers to the Grill to their share stories of life on the water. Amazingly, and thanks to some extremely dedicated members, this tradition has been ongoing since 1965.
Still Waters Run Deep 
Since the first time Connie McNeill organized a Women’s Cruise to Tinsley in 2009, the event has grown in color and in popularity. Lourdes Livingston pays homage to some of the Cruise’s most memorable characters and their costumes.
Think Like a Sailor 
2016 Executive Race Committee Chairman, Grant Baldwin, sits down with the original ERC chairman, Pax Davis, to learn about the history of the Committee. He also gets some sage advice on how Mr. Davis would run regattas today.
“The Way It’s Always Been” 
Medea Bern explores some of Tinsley Island’s beloved traditions and looks back on when and how they began. Among other things, her stories involve the Tinsley tales of Colors, a potato and a one-eyed goose.
 Posted On Tuesday, May 24, 2016
USMRC Wrap-Up: Steve Natvig of Cabrillo Yacht Club Earns Berth to US Match Racing Championship 
Cabrillo Beach Yacht Club’s Steve Natvig and his team of Roger O’Connor, Wes Byrne and Brian McMartin are on a roll! Fresh from winning the California Dreamin’ Series, they came back to the Bay Area this past weekend (May 21-22, 2016) and won another hotly contested match racing event—the US Match Racing Qualifier hosted by the St. Francis Yacht Club in J/22s.
 Posted On Wednesday, May 11, 2016
J/70 Worlds on Track to Host Top International Talent 
J/70 Worlds is four months out and already, 35 boats from 11 countries are signed up to race. We talked to Julian Fernandez Neckelmann, who won the 2015 Worlds.
 Posted On Tuesday, May 03, 2016
The Ever-Evolving Elvstrom-Zellerbach 
Every year, the Elvstrom-Zellerbach Regatta gathers the biggest dinghy classes in the Bay for a weekend of tight racing in small boats. Though the fleets have changed over the years—Finns and Boards made way for Kites and F18s—the caliber of racing remains ultimate.
StFYC to Race in London's Cumberland Cup 
From May 4–7, 2016, two teams of StFYC sailors will be in London, England to compete in the Cumberland Cup, hosted by the Royal Thames Yacht Club. This biennial event is open by invitation only to the best team racing teams in the world.
 Posted On Friday, April 01, 2016
Wine Notes: News from the Wine Committee 
Earlier this year, the Wine Committee completely redesigned the wine menu. Never one to sit on its laurels, it has continued to improve the program by adding new wines, installing wine taps in the Grill Room and throwing an excellent Winemakers’ Dinner.
It’s Cruise Season on Tinsley! 
Registration is now open for all six summertime Cruises to Tinsley Island. These are a wonderful way to enjoy the island with family and friends during the prime months of summer
He Inspired a Generation—Sailor Spotlight on Don Trask 
In the course of its history, StFYC has named only 35 Honorary Members; Don Trask is one of them. Professionally, he was a boat builder and broker. He was also a champion sailor, an evangelist for the sport, an enthusiastic member sponsor and the person credited with bringing the Laser to SF Bay and sparking “The Laser Generation.”
Say My Name at The Intraclub Regatta 
Saturday, April 23rd marks our annual Intraclub Regatta, in which members take to the Bay in a grand attempt to earn a year of bragging rights. We have heard some boisterous trash-talking from the Commodore, the Juniors and Fresh Crew. Now, there’s a rumor that the Entertainment Committee is also furnishing a boat!
Meet the Staff: Ryan Stiles, Food and Beverage Manager  
You may recognize Ryan from your time spent dining at the Club. Ryan’s career in restaurants began at age 19 and he has worked his way up from food runner to server to bartender to Assistant General Manager. He now joins us as Food and Beverage Manager and is looking forward to getting to know the membership.
Under the Burgee, Around the World 
Eight StFYC couples share their photos and stories of cruising around the world. From Mexico to the Mediterranean, the Pacific Northwest to the Intracoastal Waterway, our cruising membership is nothing short of intrepid. And, they do it all while flying our burgee.
 Posted On Monday, March 21, 2016
SFYC Retains SF Cup, 11-10 
This Saturday marked the 45th San Francisco Cup, a classic hometown rivalry that has been fought between St. Francis and San Francisco Yacht Clubs since 1967. Three teams competed in three classes (Open, Women’s and Juniors) in a battle to be the first to accumulate 11 points. SFYC won by one point.
 Posted On Friday, March 18, 2016
Hometown Rivals Meet at this Weekend’s SF Cup 
Since 1967, St. Francis Yacht Club and San Francisco Yacht Clubs have been “competing for superiority in the same field” at the annual San Francisco Cup, a match race that grants its winner a line on a trophy and a year of bragging rights. In 2014, the Cup was ours. In 2015, it was San Francisco’s. It’s 2016, and this weekend’s SF Cup is anyone’s match.
 Posted On Wednesday, March 16, 2016
“That’s the Fastest I’ve Ever Gone in an FJ!” 
Feast or famine. That is always the theme when it comes to the Gaucho Regatta, hosted every March by the UC Santa Barbara Sailing Team. This year was no different, with 64 High School teams from across the state competing in winds at both ends of the spectrum.
Natvig Wins StFYC Stop of California Dreamin’; Secures Berth for Ficker Cup 
This weekend, StFYC hosted the third of three stops on the World Sailing Grade 3 2016 California Dreamin’ Series. Over the course of two wet and blustery days on San Francisco Bay, the eight teams in attendance completed two Round Robins in the Club’s fleet of J/22s.
 Posted On Monday, March 07, 2016
Spring One Design: A Wet and Wild Ride 
The 2016 racing season kicked off with a blustery start this weekend, as the sailors in Spring One Design experienced gale-force winds, rain and even a bit of hail.
 Posted On Friday, March 04, 2016
I Christen Thee…Beer Rack! 
Wednesday nights in the Grill Room are always a place for celebrations, stories and nourishment. This Wednesday, the Grill Room took all three of these things to the next level as House Committee Chairman Bill Dana and Commadora Lourdes Livingston christened the much-anticipated Grill Room Beer Rack. In
 Posted On Tuesday, March 01, 2016
Race Ready: Preparing for a Big Year in Racing at StFYC 
Over the winter, Executive Race Committee worked diligently to build the 2016 racing calendar, and it shows. Read about the incredible year of sailing ahead of us and how you can be a part of it. Divided by category—Championships, Big Boats, Youth Sailing, Match & Team Racing, Dinghy Racing—this story shines a spotlight on some of the biggest regattas on the horizon. Get "Race Ready!"
Meet the Staff: Private and Club Events Manager, Amanda Corsiglia 
Born and raised in the city of San Francisco, Amanda has been working in our Events department for nearly a year. She has a passion for event planning and was one of the master-minds behind great recent events such as Commodore’s Ball and Father Daughter Dinner Dance.
Behind the Scenes with Membership Development Committee  
The MDC is an excellent resource for current members as well as prospective members. They are our club’s ambassadors, connectors and relationship-builders. This month, Committee Chair Elizabeth Little introduces the members of MDC so you may put faces to names and learn how to reach out accordingly.
From the Chairman: First Quarter in Review  
As we wrap up the first quarter of the 2016 fiscal year, Chairman Robin Driscoll provides an update on the Club’s financials. He also discusses the latest news regarding Tinsley Island, where we are continuing to work with various agencies and professionals to seek the best solutions for dredging the channel and fortifying the berm.
From the COO/GM: Kicking Off Spring at the Club  
This month, COO/GM JJ West traveled to San Diego for the Sailing Leadership Forum where he got to see our Race Department in action. Whether giving talks or sitting on panels of experts, they stood out as leaders in the sport of sailing and represented our Club well. Back at the St. Francis, JJ also marks the start of two crucial and beloved seasons: Toiler Weekends and Winemaker Dinners.
From Your Commodore: The Fresher Crew Challenge 
"I’ve tapped into something good: A pool of keen sailing talent that doesn’t know the meaning of fear, much less the fear of pain." Commodore Livingston is going sailing, and he’s taking our Juniors with him, starting with an entry into the Intraclub Regatta this April. What’s more, he’s challenged Fresh Crew to a duel in the Intraclub.
 Posted On Monday, February 01, 2016
From our Head Sailing Coach: People First, Results Second 
“Every January, I attend three regattas that hold special meaning to me, each for a different reason, and at each I have a different role.” Head Sailing Coach Adam Corpuz-Lahne is more than just our sailing coach. He is a dedicated member of the sailing community as a whole. This month, he talks about regattas near and dear to his heart and reflects on that most important of questions: why do we sail?
From the Commodora: Following in their Footsteps 
As Lourdes Livingston steps into her role as head of the Women’s Committee for 2016, she takes time to reflect on the many inspiring female mentors who have come before her. She shares lessons learned from these strong and colorful women, and charts a course for an interesting 2016.
Announcing the winners of the 2015 St. Francis Perpetual Trophies 
In 2015, members of St. Francis Yacht Club accomplished a number of impressive on-water victories: 1st in the 29er fleet at the US Sailing Youth Championship. 1st at the Nations Cup. 1st female finisher in the Kite Foil Gold Cup Tour. New world record holder for Transpacific time. J/105 National Champion. 1st to finish in the Transpac. Gold Medal at the Pan Am Games. The list goes on…
From the Entertainment Committee: Change is Good, You Go First 
Though the Entertainment Committee is active year round, winter tends to be the busy season, when this talented group comes together to throw a dozen of the best parties of the year, back to back to back. Committee Chair Dudley Fournier recaps the highlights of the season and thanks many of his Committee and Event Chairs.
 Posted On Friday, January 22, 2016
Commodore Kimball Livingston: A Story From Way Back When 
John Ravizza has a story to share about Kimball Livingston and it goes way back. The Beatles had just announced their breakup; Janis Joplin, Jimmy Hendricks and The Rolling Stones were popular; the degaussing buoys were in place off Fort Mason…
Introducing Your New Directors 
Newly elected Directors, Medea Isphording Bern and Maurice Fitzgerald are settling in for three productive years on the Board of the Club they love. Here they discuss their relationship with StFYC, their many experiences within its community and what they hope their tenure will add to the member experience.
Welcoming Your New Flag Officers 
At the Annual General Meeting on January 13, St. Francis Yacht Club celebrated a changing of the guard, bidding adieu to Commodore Sean Svendsen and ushering in Commodore Kimball Livingston. Here, we bring you brief introductions of your new Flag Officers.
 Posted On Friday, January 01, 2016
Lourdes Livingston, A True Original  
In 2016, Commodore Kimball Livingston will take the helm as our Commodore. His wife, Lourdes, will be there beside him. As Lourdes steps into the spotlight, we get to know her history, her hobbies and some of her many hidden talents.
Paul Reck: The Man Behind the Models 
Our Club has one of the most impressive model collections in the country, and Paul Reck is responsible for creating many of those models. A model maker of 75 years (he started when he was 10!) Paul is currently working on model #17 for the Club.
Meet Nora Cotter, Food and Beverage Director 
Ever since Nora joined StFYC as our Food and Beverage Director, she has been hard at work reshaping service in all of our dining areas. Nora has a long and passionate career in private clubs and is very excited to bring her talents to StFYC.
Our Brilliant Year: Nancy Svendsen’s Farewell  
Whether it was at the city club, on Tinsley, or traveling near and far, Nancy Svendsen brought her special touch to many of the events of 2015. Here, she remembers some of the best moments and provides gratitude for the women who shared her journey.
Time to Pass the Torch: Neil Pincus Wraps up Three Years as Tinsley Chair 
For the past three years, Director Neil Pincus has served as the Chairman of the Tinsley Island Committee. This month, he looks back on the many Toiler projects completed under his watch and also sets the stage for the way forward.
At the End of my Watch: Chairman’s Farewell 
After two years as Chairman of the Board, Chairman Jim Diepenbrock provides a year-in-review report on the financials of StFYC. He also offers a vision for the way forward as well as words of thanks for those who have served alongside him.
It’s A Wrap: Commodore’s Farewell 
At the end of his year at the helm, Commodore Sean Svendsen takes a look back. From regattas on the water to weekends away on Tinsley, to nights enjoying the Club, Commodore Svendsen takes us on a reminiscent journey of the year.
 Posted On Tuesday, December 01, 2015
A Step Above: The Year’s Top Racing Accomplishments by StFYC Members 
Whether it was winning the Transpac, capturing a national championship or crushing a trans-ocean record, our members did it all. Take a look at our top member accomplishments across every segment of the sport.
Meet the Women of StFYC: Maggie Mack 
Maggie Mack has been a tremendous volunteer at the Club, and has chaired the Fall Fashion Show and Mother Son Dinner Dance. But did you know she was involved in relief work during the Bosnian Civil War?
 Posted On Tuesday, November 17, 2015
How the Game Can Win: The Big Sail, and how an innovative intercollegiate regatta is a win for every 
It came down to the last race. Stanford and Cal were tied 1-1 in a best of three competition. As both teams prepared to start, the spectators went wild. The marching bands roared, the cheerleaders flew and the live commentary rang out. No, this was not a football game; it was the Big Sail, an intercollegiate regatta between Stanford and UC Berkeley, (“Cal”).
 Posted On Monday, November 02, 2015
Women of StFYC: Meet Nicole Breault 
Between winning the Nations Cup and the US Women’s Match Racing Championship, 2015 has been a remarkable year for Nicole Breault. Here, Nicole takes us behind the scenes to talk about her roots, her career and what’s next.
Sailor Spotlight on Blaine Pedlow 
Blaine grew up sailing Sabots in San Diego and, over the years, has raced competitively in the Etchells and 505 classes. In this month’s Spotlight, Blaine talks about how he got his start, his sailing mentors and his best moments on the water.
Another Great Year for StFYC Race Committee! 
St. Francis Yacht Club is known for having a very busy racing calendar, but did you know that we host over 95 individual races per season? With so many events spreading from February to December, we require an army of volunteers on the water to make sure marks get set and finishes get recorded.
What it Takes to Win Bronze  
Helena Scutt and her skipper Paris Henken have been pouring their energy into their 49erFX campaign. At this summer’s PanAm Games in Toronto, their hard work paid off and the girls secured a Bronze. Check out Helena’s account on what it took to medal.
Al Sargent on Winning V15 Nationals 
After finishing nearly last in a previous V15 Nationals, Al Sargent spent 100 days, 500 races and five years practicing. This summer, practice made perfect when Al and his crew secured the top podium finish at Nationals.
High School Season Kicks Off 
It seems like only a couple of weeks ago we were getting all of our Optis, Teras and 420s ready for Summer Sailing Camp. But here we are in October, with our High School Sailing program practicing three days a week, the 420 team and High School Development team practicing on Fridays, our beginner and intermediate Fall sailing courses running on Saturday and Sunday, and regattas going almost every weekend.
November News from Tinsley Island 
As the island winds down from another lively summer, the Committee shares its news about long-range planning, this year’s Tinsley Awards and the upcoming housing lottery. And, get your calendars ready! Announcing 2016’s Toiler weekends.
First-Timers at 48 Knots 
On a recent weekend in October, you may have seen a sea of neon yellow shirts and lots of children smiling in and around our Club. That was our StFYC’s second annual collaboration with the San Francisco City Parks and Rec Department and Call of the Sea.
 Posted On Thursday, October 01, 2015
The Cornerstone Cup is Coming! 
What is the Cornerstone Cup? It is one of the most prestigious racing events in which StFYC has the honor of participating. The Cornerstone Cup is a biennial team-racing regatta between four of the most notable yacht clubs in the world: The Royal Yacht Squadron; The Royal Thames Yacht Club; The New York Yacht Club; and our very own St. Francis Yacht Club.
 Posted On Wednesday, September 02, 2015
Making All-Around Sailors out of our Juniors 
This fall, the StFYC Junior program is implementing some meaningful changes in an effort to continually improve our program as well as our Junior sailors. Of note, the practice schedule is shifting to Tuesday-Thursday, allowing Friday to be open to a different kind of sailing – the kind beyond dinghies and short courses that our juniors will see when they matriculate past high school.
A Viewers’ Guide to the 51st Rolex Big Boat Series 
Inside is everything you need to know about the Rolex Big Boat Series weekend as a club member and a spectator. In one place, find the daily schedule in addition to notices regarding parking, guests and tips on the best spots to watch the races.
Why do we call it Big Boat Series?  
In 2009, we celebrated the 45th Anniversary of Big Boat Series. In the September Mainsheet of that year, Curator R.C. Keefe provided an account of the regatta’s very first year, along with a twisted tale of the journalist who may have accidently given the regatta its name.
Women of StFYC: Jody McCormack  
Jody McCormack didn’t learn to sail as a child, mostly because that’s exactly what her parents wanted her to do. But by the time she got bit by the sailing bug, she got bit bad. Jody has kite surfed in multiple countries, raced in the Pacific Cup and campaigned an 18ft Skiff. In between she attended law school, met her husband and started her own maritime law practice.
Meet the Staff: Patty Cabrera, Front Desk Receptionist  
Of all the faces of StFYC, those smiling at you from behind the Front Desk may be the ones with whom you interact most frequently. Patty Cabrera recently celebrated her one-year anniversary with the Yacht Club. Originally from Sacramento, she tells us about the intricacies of her job, her hobbies and interests and her favorite Giants players.
Sailor Spotlight: Three Generations of LeRoys 
Bill and Paula LeRoy had a unique take on membership at StFYC. Whenever an event arose, they found the newest member attending and requested to sit with them, to continually expand their circle of StFYC friends. Their children Katy, Aimee and Mike carried on a strong club tradition through racing, cruising and spending time at Tinsley and now, the third generation is getting their toes wet on Tinsley and in Optis. The LeRoy family story is truly a story of the St. Francis Yacht Club.
 Posted On Saturday, August 01, 2015
Meet the Staff: Welcome a New Interim GM and Director of Catering  
There are more new faces around the Club! Learn more about JJ West, Interim GM/Clubhouse Manager and Tressa Orizotti, Director of Catering
Women of StFYC: Pam Rorke Levy, Dorade’s Better Half 
Pam's journey has been nothing short of colorful. Born in the Presidio, she grew up internationally. She was a concert pianist and a successful television producer. When she met Matt Brooks, she took a whole new tack. Together, the couple restored Dorade and brought her back to glory.
Meet the Staff: Graham Biehl, Race Coordinator 
StFYC's Race Coordinator, Graham Biehl, discusses his role at the Club, his love of kiteboarding and what brought him back to his home state after years in Australia.
Commodore Svendsen Reflects on the July 4th Family Cruise 
Summertime is family time at St. Francis Yacht Club. Those of you who attended the Fourth of July Family Cruise to Tinsley, chaired by our spectacular Ian Kasman, experienced firsthand the sheer amount of fun there is to be had on our island paradise.
 Posted On Wednesday, July 29, 2015
Members Win Transpac, Team Race Worlds; Place at Singlehanded Champs 
This has been another thrilling week for members racing—and winning—under the StFYC burgee.
 Posted On Tuesday, July 28, 2015
Q&A with Interim General Manager, JJ West  
JJ will join the St. Francis Yacht Club as our Interim General Manager and Clubhouse Manager on August 4, 2015. Here he discusses his private club career and what he looks forward to most at StFYC.
 Posted On Wednesday, July 01, 2015
Inaugural Taste of St. Francis a Success 
In the months leading up to the inaugural Taste of St. Francis, the Dining Committee was having a hard time containing itself. It was a new event, sure, and a new concept, but we were certain the membership was going to get a kick out of it.
Nine Ways to Enjoy Tinsley Island 
This month, we cast aside the creeping cats’ paws of fog and set our sights for points west, a particular point, a special point all our own: Tinsley Island. There is no “wrong” way to spend time on Tinsley Island. But there are plenty of ways to do it “right.” Here, we allow some of the possibilities to unfold.
 Posted On Monday, June 01, 2015
Meet the Newest Member of the Junior Fleet: the RS Tera 
Just as it is with meeting new people, one’s first impression when encountering a new activity often creates an opinion that will last far beyond that moment.
 Posted On Thursday, May 21, 2015
U.S. Sailing Match Racing Qualifiers Come to StFYC 
This weekend, eight teams will gather at StFYC to race in two complete round robins in the Club's matching fleet of J/22s. The winner of the regatta will qualify for a berth in the U.S. Match Racing Championship in October and the Women's Championship in August.
 Posted On Thursday, March 19, 2015
The Secret Past of our Geochron 
During yesterday's vernal equinox, at 3:45 PST, the sun landed squarely above the equator. Here in the Club, our Geochron displayed a small black circle perfectly balanced on its elliptical path from tropic to tropic. The Geo-WHAT? Find out more about this fascinating bit of Club history.
 Posted On Wednesday, March 18, 2015
Introducing Pictorial Membership Album 
The St. Francis Yacht Club is pleased to announce our new Pictorial Membership Album. We will be working with EA Photography to capture portraits of our members and their families.
 Posted On Saturday, March 14, 2015
Generations of Greatness - Profiling the Ford and McNeill Families 
Our Club has a lot to be proud of: its premiere racing pedigree, location in one of the world’s top sailing destinations, and roster boasting some of the most impressive and well-respected sailors in the sport. But there’s one additional, perhaps less famous, role that the Club has played since it opened in 1927: facilitating family bonds.
 Posted On Friday, February 13, 2015
2014 Annual General Meeting: The Changing of the Guard 
Celebrating the year past and looking to the future at the Annual General Meeting, Dinner and Awards Presentation. Welcome to Commodore Sean Svendsen, Vice Commodore Kimball Livingston and Rear Commodore Bruce Smith.
 Posted On Thursday, February 12, 2015
Women of StFYC–Barbara Gilmore 
Barbara Grace Cleese Gilmore has some stories to tell. As Mayor Angelo Rossi’s (Mayor of San Francisco, 1931–1944) most photogenic granddaughter, she jettisoned to fame at age 4 ½ when she was crowned “Queen of the May” at the annual May Day celebration in Golden Gate Park.
 Posted On Tuesday, February 10, 2015
Sailor Spotlight on Laser Sailor Tracy Usher 
I have been a member since the late 1990s. I moved to the Bay Area in 1989 and sailed big boats until the mid-1990s when I returned to Laser sailing.
 Posted On Thursday, January 22, 2015
Cruise the Chesapeake with ICOYC and StFYC 
This October, StFYC members will join the International Council of Yacht Clubs for their annual member cruise, beginning at the Annapolis Yacht Club. The cruise is a wonderful opportunity to meet cruising friends from Clubs around the world.
 Posted On Wednesday, November 05, 2014
StFYC Recaptures the Lipton Cup After 85 Years! 
It's been a long time coming... 85 years in fact. St. Francis Yacht Club last took home the Lipton Cup in 1929 with May-Be. Maybe, in fact chances are good, we had no idea it would be 85 years before another crew would finally break the Lipton Cup curse and reclaim that trophy.
 Posted On Friday, September 19, 2014
St. Francis Yacht Club hosts free sailing excursions for Bay Area youth this weekend aboard "Seaward 
This weekend, St. Francis Yacht Club, in partnership with San Francisco Recreation & Parks, will be providing the opportunity for local youth, ages 9-16, to get out on the Bay for a free three-hour tour aboard “Seaward”...
 Posted On Monday, August 25, 2014
StFYC Weekly Update: New Executive Chef, Leukemia Cup & More 
We are very pleased to announce that Chef Antonio Campolio will be joining our team as Executive Chef at St. Francis Yacht Club...
 Posted On Wednesday, February 26, 2014
StFYC Hosts Rolex Yachtsman of the Year & Rolex Yachtswoman of the Year Awards 
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