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 Posted On Friday, June 01, 2018
Yachts of the St. Francis  
In this month’s issue, we publish our annual ode to “History & Tradition”, a topic many of our members hold dear. Club Curator R.C. Keefe has published a series of articles over the past few Mainsheets, chronicling some of our most storied yachts. Learn more about the sailboats, and the sailors, who were around at the beginning of our fine Club.
The Future of Preserving Our Past  
“It is quite the experience to have an office nestled in the middle of a 91-year-old museum. The history and traditions of the St. Francis Yacht Club have always been a treasure of its membership. So, how do we keep track of all of our historical artifacts? And, when space gets tight, how do we prioritize and protect it?”
Meet the Staff: Waterfront Director Chase Bargemann  
Chase Bargemann has been working at the St. Francis Yacht Club for several years in a wide variety of positions, ranging from events to food & beverage to, finally, his true passion—the docks. Now, he has been promoted to Waterfront Director. Learn about Chase’s passion for surfing, his soft spot for Australia and his secret past as a lean, mean, basketball stud.
 Posted On Tuesday, May 01, 2018
Teach Your Children Well  
When Commodore Theresa Brandner served on the Membership Committee in 2010-2011, she interviewed 30 Junior candidates for membership. Since then, she has seen them grow into interwoven fibers of our Club’s tapestry.
Taking Flight 
Chairman of the Board, Mark McLaughlin, reflects on his Junior years at St. Francis, where he spent his summers on Tinsley Island, learning from legendary Laser sailors and also participating in the bygone sport of Spinnaker Sailing.
Getting from There to Here 
Head Sailing Coach Adam Corpuz Lahne looks back on six years of rebuilding StFYC’s Junior Sailing program. In the beginning, “No one could do a proper roll tack, or knew how to use a boom vang, or do a reach-to-wing transition. But they were willing to learn and had fun doing it.” Six years on, dozens of those sailors have competed in college sailing and beyond.
To Be the Inspirational Center  
General Manager and COO, Paul Koojoolian, reflects on the Club’s Junior Sailing efforts, and our hosting of the International Council of Yacht Club’s World Forum, both of which align perfectly with our mission to “serve as the inspirational center of yachting.”
 Posted On Monday, April 02, 2018
From Chairman McLaughlin: Shore Operations 
In this month’s column, Chairman of the Board Mark McLaughlin reports on a variety of recent Board activity including a strategic session in which your Directors explored new revenue opportunities, a financial wrap-up of the first fiscal quarter of 2018, and positive news regarding upticks in members' utilization.
From COO/GM Paul Koojoolian: Setting a High Bar 
On March 5, your Club welcomed 1,700 club managers for the annual Club Managers’ of America networking event. In Paul’s column this month, he shares some stories about this great success, offering kudos to the talented staff and thank yous to the enthusiastic member ambassadors. Plus, he provides a few staffing updates.
StFYC’s Match Racing Game is Strong in 2018 
Over the past few years, StFYC has been upping its game in the realm of match racing. As we launch into the sailing season, the match race line-up is strong. The two headliner events will be the US Women’s Match Racing Championship (August 24–26) and the World Sailing Nations Cup Grand Final (October 10-14), surrounded by a bevy of other match race activity.
The Grand Experiment: Shifts in StFYC Youth Sailing 
Back in 2017, the StFYC Junior Committee altered the course of our youth sailing program with one simple goal: create a path for Juniors to become active lifelong sailors. One quarter into the “Experiment”, we’ve got more kids sailing on a wider variety of boats than ever before. So did we get our hypothesis right?
From Commodore Brandner: Rounding the Windward Mark 
“One recent night at the Club, I stepped outside the Grill Room for some fresh air. I was admiring the unseasonably thick fog when…who has time to admire the fog? It’s April at the St. Francis! We’re setting our kites for a downwind run as everything kicks off: the racing season, Club events, Tinsley Toilers and active committee work.”
 Posted On Thursday, February 01, 2018
Meet This Year’s Club Leaders 
On January 9, a new slate of leaders was welcomed in to the St. Francis Yacht Club Board room to serve alongside returning Directors Medea Bern, Dave Wilson, Jr., Pamela Healy and Maurice Fitzgerald, Jr. as well as Vice Commodore Paul Heineken. Here, we get to know them a bit better as members of our club and community.
And the Winners Are… 
At the Annual General Meeting, your Club celebrated its many accomplishments of the past year by awarding perpetual trophies to fourteen exceptional individuals. These award-winners spanned the spectrum from racers to cruisers, teachers to students, Tinsley enthusiasts to Race Committee stalwarts.
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