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Sailor Spotlight on Daniela Moroz
A conversation with Daniela Moroz, kiter on the rise. Learn about how she became involved with kiting, her favorite kiting locations and who her favorite training partner is. Look for her next in the U.S. Junior Kite Foil Nationals, which will take place as part of the Kite Foil Gold Cup this summer.

Sailor Spotlight on Daniela Moroz
A conversation with a kiter on the rise
By Peggy Lidster

Mainsheet: How long have you been an StFYC member and why did you join?
Daniela: I joined StFYC in March 2014. I wanted to become a member because I had just started racing and wanted to learn and improve. Eventually I hoped to represent the Club in races around the world.

MS: How did you start kiting?
Daniela: I grew up around windsurfing. Both of my parents were windsurfers and competed in everything from local races at the StFYC to U.S. Nationals. My dad started kiting in 2005, and I eventually followed him in 2012 at the age of eleven. I took lessons from Sandy Parker at Sherman Island and fell in love with being out on the water. 

MS: How often do you get out on the water?
Daniela: During the school year, only on the weekends and when I don’t have a swim meet. During the summer, I get out as often as I can. Over winter break, my family and I go to Los Barriles on the tip of the Baja Peninsula where we kite almost every day.

MS: What has been your most memorable sailing experience?
Daniela: The seven days I spent in La Ventana this past March for the IKA Kite Foil Gold Cup Mexico. We had five days of intense racing where I learned a lot from some of the best racers in the world. It was incredible to be with them on the course.

MS: What is your favorite kiting location?
Daniela: I kite at several spots and each one has its own special memories: Sherman Island in the Delta is where it all started. Crissy Field is where all my racing happens and sailing there is always a challenge. Kiting under the Golden Gate Bridge is incredible. Every time I do it, I get an indescribable feeling of peace. Except during the 2014 Ronstan Bridge to Bridge; that was definitely not peaceful! Waddell Creek is super fun for wave kiting. Los Barriles, BCS, is where my family and I spend every Christmas kiting. La Ventana is beautiful and racing there for the Gold Cup was one of the most memorable experiences in my life.

MS: Do you have a kiting role model?
Daniela: Erika Heineken. She is an incredible sailor who I am lucky to have as a training partner. I learned a lot from her at the Gold Cup and we try to keep the guys on their toes! 

MS: What racing plans do you have for the future?
Daniela: I will continue to do racing organized by the StFYC, including the Thursday Night Series, Ronstan Bridge to Bridge, the Bay Challenge, the Classic, and the Gold Cup. I am also excited to participate in the U.S. Junior Kite Foil Nationals, which will take place as part of the Gold Cup this summer. Eventually, I hope to do more international competitions around the world and to go to the Olympics for kitesurfing in 2020.

MS: Describe your sport in one word:
Daniela: Indescribable. It’s a combination of speed and finesse that creates a feeling you can’t describe until you’ve experienced it.

MS: When you are not sailing, what are you doing?
Daniela: Checking the wind—not! I am in 8th grade at Stanley Middle School in Lafayette, California and this fall I’ll start at Campolindo High School in Moraga. I am also on a competitive swim team that trains year-round and is part of USA Swimming. As you can tell, I love the water!


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