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Meet your New Fellow Members
In January, ten new members were accepted into the membership of St. Francis Yacht Club. Each has a unique story and followed a unique path to joining. Read about these new members and get to know their faces, so you can introduce yourself the next time you see them around the Club.

Meet Your New Members
Voted into Membership in January 2016

When you see these new faces at the Club, be sure to introduce yourself and welcome them! 

In the meantime, here is a bit about who they are, why they became members and what they look forward to most at StFYC.
Interested in sponsoring a new member?

To find the sponsorship forms online, click HERE. Complete the form to start the process!

Raquel, currently a student at Del Mar Middle School, wants to someday join the Civil or Military Service. She is 12 years old and has been spending time at StFYC since the age of 8. For the past two summers, Raquel has sailed Optis at Tinsley Island Sailing Camp. Now, she’s learning to race 420s. The thing she loves most about sailing is how it allows her to feel a part of the elements.


Rishi and his wife, Kristin, are excited to bring their kids, Evan (3) and Emma (1), into the wonderful St. Francis Yacht Club community. They are currently looking to acquire a boat, and hope that through sailing, they can instill a love of the ocean in their family. Rishi grew up in Los Angeles where he spent many weekends boating; he is also an avid diver.


William, his wife, Rebecca, and their three children have all enjoyed being guests at the Club. Now, they look forward to enjoying their own membership. They are excited to get involved with sailing and look forward to engaging with the members of StFYC. A member of the Titanic Historical Society, William also enjoys playing guitar and golfing.

We welcome back Dean, who was a member of StFYC from 1983–2007. After some years away, Dean is looking forward to once again being around like-minded sailors. He is eager to get engaged in our Club’s many activities. Recently, Dean and his sponsor, Carolyn Patrick, sailed in the Cyclades Islands of Greece. Interestingly, Dean sponsored Carolyn back in 1986.


A new proud owner of a gorgeous 50ft Solaris sailboat, Ken is looking forward to getting more involved in the San Francisco boating community. He has captained sailboats in the Bay for the past 15 years and has also captained bareboats in various locations around the world, including the Grenadines, Croatia, Turkey, Greece and Spain.


Allison, sponsored by her father, William Lee, currently attends Chinese American International School in San Francisco. She first started sailing Optis at StFYC three years ago, at the age of seven. Some of her fondest memories come from sailing with her dad twice in the BVIs. Allison says she truly loves sailing since it “lets your mind work and have fun at the same time.”


Also a new member is Allison’s sister, Colette. She first sailed at Tinsley Island on an O’Pen Bic, and was instantly hooked. Since then, she has attended three summer camps and many weekend programs, including Learn to Sail and Intro to Racing. Her “can-do” attitude earned her the 2015 Greer Trophy for showing “the greatest measure of improvement” in her sailing skills at summer camp.


Scott is a graduate of UC Berkeley where he raced on the the UC Berkley Sailing Team. He has raced FJs, J/22s and a 55ft Oyster. Scott has always loved the outdoors and the ocean in particular. He began to channel that love through sailing beginning in high school. When he is not on the water, Scott works at MixRank, a Bay-area tech start-up company.


Will grew up sailing at StFYC and spent four years racing for Stuart Hall High School on C420s and Lasers. He is currently attending College of Marin in preparation for attending USC next year. Will says he loves sailing because of the camaraderie and competition. He is excited to become a Junior member because he believes the Junior program provides great coaching and resources.

Michael, a non-resident member, resides in Boulder, Colorado. He sails around Europe and the Pacific, and his Oyster 56 is currently docked in Australia. Michael looks forward to making more sailing friends at StFYC and taking advantage of our reciprocal privileges as he travels around the world. When he is not sailing, Michael enjoys rock climbing, classical piano and skiing.


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