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Mainsheet Submission Guidelines
Guidelines to submitting stories to the Mainsheet


Mainsheet Submission Guidelines

The Mainsheet is the official Journal of Record for the St. Francis Yacht Club. St. Francis Yacht Club has been publishing the Mainsheet since the 1930s, monthly since the 1960s. Bound copies of the archives can be found in the Library of the San Francisco clubhouse; we also keep online digital archives dating back nearly thirty years.

The Mainsheet is written by members, for members. We welcome member contributions and ask that you send all submissions to

Types of Stories

Member Spotlight (800 words)
Written monthly by a regular Mainsheet contributor, these stories spotlight the talents and tales of our robust membership. Nominate a member to be spotlighted by emailing

Sea Stories (600-750 words)
Our Club is filled with sailors, cruisers, adventurers and lovers of the sea. Tell us about your recent cruise, a harrowing tale, a lesson learned, a friend made in a far-off port, a cruising secret, a boat projects, anything! Sea Stories keep our membership in touch with our maritime roots.

Race Reports (400-600 words)
Where did you race this month, with whom, in what, for what? Tell the membership your reports of racing under the burgee. We love to hear anecdotes of strategy, teamwork, camaraderie and lessons learned on the racecourse.

Committee Updates (300 for ½ page; 600 for full page)
Committees and their volunteers are the lifeblood of this Club. Regularly, we want to hear from your Committee about your goals, achievements, events and members. Looking to recruit? Want to highlight a recent accomplishment? This is your chance to tell the membership what you do.

Anecdotes and Vignettes (100-400 words)
These are quips of life as a member of the St. Francis. Tell us about an extraordinary person you met in the Grill, a great drink you shared in the Clippership, a personal connection to one of the Club’s boat models, an awesome purchase you made in the Ketch All. These short tales personify our membership.

Features (850–1,000 words)
In-depth stories about members, racing, boats and yacht club activity. Must be written and assigned months in advance to properly plan for sufficient space.

Types of Photo Submissions

Where’s the Burgee
Take your burgee around the world with you, and snap a photo of you holding it! Make sure the burgee is upright, with the pointy end pointing toward the right of the photo (so held in your left hand), and the stars pointing upright (remember, “stars don’t hold water”). Photos should be high resolution.

Celebrations and Anniversaries
Photos of births, weddings, engagements and more! Tell us the details of your celebration, whether it’s the birth weight of your baby, or the date of your anniversary.

St. Francis Yacht Club has a lively social media presence. Tag @stfyc in photos on Facebook or Instagram for a chance to be featured on this monthly page.

From the Editor

We couldn’t produce the Mainsheet without you, the members, and we appreciate every submission. Twenty-eight pages a month can fill up surprisingly quickly, so we reserve the right to edit any submission for length, continuity of style or grammatical accuracy. We will run all edited versions by the author before going to press.
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