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What’s Coming up in Seamanship?
Following a very successful launch of the Seamanship Seminar Series in 2018, our Seamanship guru, Capt. Christopher Hanson, is back! Read about plans to offer more great free seminars to members.

To rest on one’s laurels means to be satisfied with past success and to consider further effort unnecessary. The origin of the phrase lays in stories from the ancient Greek gods, where laurel wreaths were symbols of victory and status.

As the “Seamanship Committee Guy,” the Club recently honored me with the K.E. “Hal” Hallikainen Trophy at the Annual General Meeting. But it was not a single-person effort. It was a group effort—and one I’m happy to say will continue in 2018. The Seamanship Subcommittee continues to make “plans” (for those gods to laugh at) for more seminars this year.

As we start making plans for the year, we’re thinking about seminars on such fascinating topics as:

  • Lights and Sounds: What do they all mean? And will knowing make it easier to cruise at night?
  • Basic Diesel Mechanics: Almost everyone has an engine on their boat (gas or diesel). Even if you consider it auxiliary to sails, it’s important to know some basics on how to maintain it.
  • VHF-SSB Radios: No, it is NOT “breaker-breaker good buddy!”
  • More Flares & Smoke: A repeat, but one many have asked us to do again
  • Weather Planning & Forecasting: We all know it gets to 25+ knots on the Bay at exactly 12:47pm, but why? And can you really predict tomorrow’s weather by looking at clouds today? And what the heck is a Grib file?
  • Chart Navigation: Since the Commodore’s Cruise is into waters sometimes plied by those Greek gods, but not normally used by us mortals of the West Coast, I reckon it’s time for some dead reckoning. We’re taking it old school with rulers, Time-Speed-Distance calculations, bearings and more.

Boring? Maybe. Important? You betcha. After all, “yachting” isn’t just about Gin & Tonic. The schedule is still TBD. And if there is a seminar that you’d just love to see happen, let us know at

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