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Q&A with Barbara Kuykendall, Co-Chair of the Bike and Toy Drive
The Bike and Toy Drive is a member-wide effort, but it is thanks to two especially dedicated members that the drive experiences such success year after year. We sat down with "Chief Elf" and Bike Drive Co-Organizer, Barbara Kuykendall, to learn more about the efforts she and her husband, Ed, put into the drive year-round.

Gearing up for the 2017 Bike & Toy Drive with Barbara Kuykendall 

Mainsheet: We’re all looking forward to this year’s Bike and Toy Drive! What’s the plan?
Barbara Kuykendall: We’re looking forward to it as well! Ed and I stay in touch with the San Francisco firefighters during the year to assess their needs, so we have been purchasing bikes and toys accordingly. The Bike Assembly Day is scheduled for Saturday, November 18th. We have a dedicated bunch of members who show up, rain or shine, on this day, and all are welcome. It’s fantastic to see that between that, and the donations from members, this has really become a Club-wide event.

Mainsheet: How long have we been donating to the San Francisco Fire Department Bike and Toy Drive?
Barbara: We have been doing the toy drive since 2001 and added the bikes about five years later. Since then we have donated well over 1,000 bikes and I can't even count the tons of toys we have donated.  

Mainsheet: Why did you select this cause?
Barbara: We chose to make the Club’s donations go to the San Francisco Firefighters because they are right here in our community and know the needs of our area well. They, in turn, have told us that the St. Francis Yacht Club is one of the largest contributors to their program year after year, which is why they are so happy to bring their fire trucks to the Club to entertain the children during the Children’s Christmas Party (December 3rd)!

Mainsheet: The kids love that! How about the fire boat? Will that be returning this year? 
Barbara: One of our members, Fred Krauss, is a retired tug boat captain, and for the past three years he has arranged for the Fire Department’s fireboat to put on a show in front of the Club during the Children’s Holiday Party.

Mainsheet: What happens to the bikes and toys after the firefighters pick them up?
Barbara: In addition to giving away toys to needy children at Christmas, the SFFD also helps children whose families have been displaced by fires and floods and other natural disasters. In addition to donating toys and bikes each year we also give them a large check, which they can use when a disaster strikes to buy backpacks and school supplies for displaced children. 

Mainsheet: How can members get involved?
Barbara: If you want to join in Bike Assembly Day, sign up at If you’d like to donate a bike for $45, turn in your donation at the Front Desk, or through the website, HERE

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