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My Year at the Helm
From museum visits to wine tastings, sailing clinics to pearl demonstrations, Kathleen Kiriakis filled her year as Women’s Committee Chair to the brink with opportunities for fun and female bonding. She writes, “With great fondness, I will remember all of the good times we had this year.

I was so honored to have chaired the 2017 Women’s Committee. I am a “behind the scenes” kind of person in my work, so being out front was not my natural comfort zone, but I tried to represent all of you with grace and dignity and also humor and humility.

When Jim and I began 2017 we had a rather straightforward goal: get more people on the water. I am extremely proud of the participation of so many of the Club’s women both in sailing and throughout our nautically-inspired activities, even when “nautical” was used rather loosely to encompass caviar and pearls. With great fondness, I will remember all of the good times we had this year. Let’s take a brief look back.

FEBRUARY was the Women’s Sub-Committee Fair when so many of you signed up to volunteer to contribute your efforts toward the Women’s Cruise, the Fashion Show and the Holiday Decorations subcommitees. We also enjoyed an outing to the DeYoung Museum for the Frank Stella show led by Docent Extraordinaire, Alexandra Hausen followed by a tour of the conservation labs where I think all of us would have stayed if not lured by a beautiful lunch in the café.

MARCH brought Cecy Jones for a scarf tying demonstration in preparation for the introduction of the Club’s 90th Anniversary commemorative scarf. Then, true to our mission, Nicole Breault launched the Women’s Racing Clinic.

APRIL gave us a lesson in creative ideas for table settings and décor from “Table and Teaspoon”, and we indulged in a caviar and champagne tasting with the Caviar Company’s Petra and Saskia Bergstein. We even learned how to saber a champagne bottle with a French accent!

In MAY, TL Diepenbrock organized our outing to Shreve’s for a gems-from-the-sea event with Mikimoto treasures. Draped in fabulous baubles, we sipped champagne and were briefed in pearl history. 

In JUNE, our favorite wine expert, Peggy Cramer, led us in a wine tasting of “What to Drink Now at the Club and Why”. She introduced us to new wines and made learning about wine interesting and fun.

In JULY we had a wonderful evening at the Women’s Cruise Pre-Party organized by Erin Stypulkoski and the Women’s Cruise Team. We had fun with a mini nautical fashion show and Pamela Healy spearheaded the Women’s Sailing Camp at Tinsley, creating another opportunity for women to be on the water.

In AUGUST we finished off the summer and geared up for all the things to come in…

SEPTEMBER was the Women’s Cruise “In an Octopus’s Garden” with Sarah Dreyer and Peggy Cramer co-chairing and their amazing team fashioning an underwater fantasy. Lisa Hattig lead the Rolex Big Boat Series hospitality group with many Women’s Committee members pitching in by greeting visiting sailors. There was a Women’s J/22 Clinic over Stag Cruise weekend and a walking tour of the Maritime Museum. Although that ended up being only Mona Aufdenkamp and myself, we had a laugh, a lunch and built a budding friendship.

OCTOBER – Another museum outing led by our beloved docent, Alexandra Hausen, this time to the Legion of Honor Museum for the Klimt/Rodin show, followed by a private tour of the Auchenbach Collection and an Austrian-inspired lunch back at the Club. And of course, we had our sold-out Fashion Show, “Sirens of the Sea” chaired by Erin O’Grady and Christine Casey along with an army of committee members, models and dressers.

NOVEMBER – We rounded out the season with a trip to Gump’s for Buccellati and festive holiday décor and another J/22 series with Pamela Healy at the helm.

DECEMBER – Karla Andersen and her inspired team transformed our Club into a holiday wonderland, nautically inspired, of course!

Along the way we had so many fantastic and fabulous and ridiculously fun events: the Club’s 90th Birthday Party, Tinsley Cruises, spectating the America’s Cup races in Bermuda, our rustic Commodore’s Cruise to Maine, visitors from Royal Yacht Squadron, the unprecedented magic of the Commodore’s Ball and so many more.

Thank you to Laurel Holm, Bernadette Nolan, Lili Cascino and Ann Lacey for co-chairing the Women’s Holiday Party; to my secretary Cheryl Lincoln and Janet Heineken for their support; and to Jessica Arnold who has been my right-hand person at the Club and the one who I have counted on to make everything go smoothly and beautifully. Thanks to all of you, the women of the Club, who have contributed to such an amazing year filled with exuberant energy and joy. From an Octopus’s Garden to Sirens of the Sea to finding ourselves knee-deep in tinsel, it’s been a great adventure. I am so very proud to have chaired this year’s Women’s Committee and to have represented such a committed, energetic, organized, creative and incredible community of women. I am grateful to you all, beyond what mere words can express. Thank you.  

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