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The City (Front) That Never Sleeps
A panel of 12 college sailors answering burning questions from high school students and parents, St. Ignatius Prep grads Will Paulsen (USC) and Claire Mohun (Georgetown) winning our first-ever College Homecoming Regatta, Rose Bowl practice – all that and more kept the Junior wing humming this holiday season. Staff Commodore Kimball Livingston brings us the Homecoming Regatta in words and pictures.

SI’s Claire Mohun and Will Paulsen, regatta winners, lead to a leeward mark.

Our people asked for it. Our Club delivered. StFYC’s inaugural College Homecoming Regatta ran the weekend before Christmas, embracing our young sailors on their winter break. Former high school juniors now in college returned to the waters where they lived their teenage legends. Nick Dorn (SI, UC San Diego) said, “I’m grateful to be part of the first freshman class invited to come home and race. To go from being here every day to never being here felt strange. It’s awesome to be sailing again with other people who are passionate about StFYC’s junior program, even more so to be part of a club that wants me back. And you have to hand it to the coaches, giving their time to be on the water for a regatta that never happened before, and isn’t even on the schedule, but it’s a great idea so they’re here for us. And there was Adam taking videos and coaching us, as ever.” 

Race day began with a kinda-sorta skippers’ meeting at which Sailing Director Brent Harrill announced, “Sign in on the board; then go rig.” Dorn quipped, “Yep, just like high school.” When someone asked Adam, “Can we borrow a bailer?” the reply was, “I don’t have bailers, but I observe that not many people lock their lockers.” Add half a minute and here came the voice of Juliana Testa (Bay, Tufts), “Found one!” (Just like high school.)

With our C420 Race Team also invited, SI’s Evelyn Plam and Keilah Stypulkoski raced as current high school sailors.

Evelyn and Keilah setting up for a start.

The competition was organized by high school affiliation, with Claire Mohun (SI, Georgetown) teaming with skipper Will Paulsen (SI, USC) to eke out a one-point win in light air and heavy current. St. Ignatius Prep thus takes the lead with proof of concept and writes the school into a new vein of Club history. The races were sailed in Flying Junior dinghies (just like high school) with a loose format and an endgame that became self-evident when we sailed into towing conditions and blew off the final non-race. Maybe, just maybe, the reunion was more important than the outcome.

Between races, a conference with Coach Adam.

Second place went to a Convent/Stuart Hall team skippered by Michael Tellini (Dartmouth) with Paige Dunlevy (Connecticut College) crewing. An additional SI team took third, losing second on a tiebreaker that went three levels into the rules for breaking ties. That would be Dorn with crew Mackenzie Berwick (a frequent skipper at Cal). 

Nick Dorn and Mackenzie Berwick going into a gybe.

So, Brent Harrill, was it a success? He said, “We’ll do it again.”

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