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A Place for Every Generation
Scott Looney recalls summers on Tinsley back when his father, Howard Looney, was Commodore. Now with a wife, children and grandchildren of his own, the Looney family has expanded to enjoy multiple generations of fun on our island outstation. These days, it’s tough to get the whole crew together, but Tinsley continues to provide a place of restoration and reconnection.

As our family rapidly expands and our children become adults and parents themselves, the times we spend together as a whole unit are less frequent than when our children were young.

Thank goodness there’s Tinsley.

Through the years, Tinsley Island has remained a steadfast place in our hearts—a place we look forward to returning to where we know we can put a pause on our busy schedules. On Tinsley, we get to reconnect, catch up, reminisce, put down technology and feel like a family.

What gives it even more meaning is the memories of multiple generations who have enjoyed our wonderful piece of paradise, beginning with Commodore Howard Looney (or Grandpa Howard as our children knew him). Without fail, our family has visited the Island every single year. We’ve enjoyed skiing, wake-boarding, playing old fashioned board games, cooking meals together and learning to work as a team during volleyball games. Tinsley remains the one place that is consistently familiar, reliable and fun.

We’ve belly laughed as we watch our children and grandchildren dance the night away. We’ve relished in the friendships we’ve made with fellow members while Toiling, barbecuing or just enjoying the island. Now, we get to watch our grandchildren experience this magical place. Nothing compares to introducing our little ones to a special tradition like Tinsley s’mores, or watching them enjoy the peaceful, simple things the Island offers like fishing, picking lemons, splashing in the pool, marching in the parade or learning how to unplug.

Perhaps one of the greatest joys on Tinsley is the Colors ceremony performed during Cruises. There, we get to teach our kids and grandkids how to show respect for our country, flag and traditions. The patriotism and camaraderie we experience during Colors has brought tears to our eyes and makes us grateful we have a place like Tinsley.

It’s a joy to see the tradition continue and grow.

Changing of the Guard

In Pam's story, she describes how Tinsley has been a treasured part of her family’s life and mentions the Colors ceremony. I’m sad to report the Air Force Color Guard from Travis Air Force Base AFB recently notified us that, due to increased commitments to funeral services for aging veterans, they no longer have sufficient time for our ceremony. We have thanked them for their years of contribution to life at Tinsley. Now, we’re plotting a way forward. The Committee is keen on creating a homegrown Colors Ceremony with a Color Guard to be found amongst our strong young people. Our hope is that we nurture a whole group of people, all eager to perform this great function. Maybe one of Pam’s grandkids will one day write a Mainsheet article about Tinsley memories and remember being in the ceremony. If you have ideas for the future of Colors or wish to participate, I encourage a conversation.

— Greg Wettersten, Tinsley Island Chair, [email protected]

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