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Tinsley is Ready to Make Your Summer Great!
After another impressive season of Toiling, our Island officially launched into summer at the well-attended and fun-filled Memorial Day Cruise. Now Tinsley is in full swing and ready for members to enjoy it to the utmost. T.I. Chairman Greg Wettersten has updates from the island, including news on the new fleet of RS Quests, a new Community Table program and a new wristband protocol to ensure safety.

Tinsley Island Manager, Ross Schiveley, and his staff have worked tirelessly since winter ended to ready your Island for your enjoyment. The Toilers have been doing their best to refresh and improve existing amenities. And now…we are ready for YOU! 

What is new at Tinsley this year? Glad you asked.


The Tinsley Island Committee has heard whispers that the Island regulars can be a bit insular and don’t mix well with neophytes. To counter this, and to foster increased member camaraderie, we are creating two tables in the dining area that are designated “community” tables, meant to be shared by any and all. We hope these tables will welcome experienced members to sit side-by-side with those who are new to the Island. If you come up by yourself, plop down at the community table and make a new friend!  Look for the “unique” tablecloth and the table tents with an explanation of the intention behind the tables.  Happy chatting!

The T.I. Committee is also aware that some members have not been registering their guests 100% of the time. Further, we have had a few instances in which large parties, unaffiliated with the St. Francis Yacht Club in any way, have docked a boat and come onto the Island. In one case, a family of six put down a picnic blanket on the berm and proceeded to try to make a day of it. 

After conducting diligence and careful debate, we have decided to institute a new system of wristbands for all members and guests on the island. When one registers herself and guests, the new printer that sits next to the Island’s registration station will now spit out wristbands for everyone registered. Wristband color will change every Thursday.

The bands are mandatory at all times for everyone on the Island. If you are not wearing a band, the staff will approach you and ask that you put one on.

This system will rely on Tinsley’s notoriously rickety WiFi, custom software to interface between the printer and the registration system, and the vagaries of member comfort with something new. Things will go wrong! When they do, remain calm and search for a solution.

Important notice: The adult who collects the most wristbands between June 1 and August 31 wins a free bottle of wine. The child (under 21) who collects the most gets a free pizza at the snack bar!

Check out our new fleet of four RS Quest boats, just launched this past month. These boats are fast, fun and stable. They’re big enough for up to three adults and small enough to single-hand. In addition to being great learning platforms, these boats are meant to provide endless entertainment and recreation to Island-goers.

Tinsley’s official summer season kicked off last month at the Memorial Day Family Cruise. Now we’re all-out for the rest of the summer and we encourage all members to enjoy this unique and wonderful benefit of your membership! C’mon up, meet a new friend, admire each other’s wristbands and sail our new boats!

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