High School Sailing

St. Francis Yacht Club supports seven San Francisco high school sailing teams. These sailors practice on the Bay, debrief in the clubhouse and race throughout California.


High school sailing at St. Francis Yacht Club provides an opportunity to sail and race against other high schools. Sailors experience physical challenge, personal improvement and the benefits of being part of a team. Some compete at a national level while in high school and many are recruited to race on college sailing teams.

Our coaches provide the best in safety and personalized instruction for all high school sailors. The teams are provided with sailboats, coaches, coach boats, trailers, hot showers and meaningful mentorship. As our coaches like to say, “We’re not just coaching sailors; we’re coaching people.”

  • Stfyc High School Sailing Teams


      2018 Bay School Varsity (left) and Junior Varsity Sailing Team (right)

      Athletic Director: Sam Gallop
      Team Parent: Matt Cuyler



      2018 Convent & Stuart Hall Varsity Sailing Team (Missing) and Junior Varsity Sailing Team (Right) 

      Team Parent:  Chris Covington


      International High School


      2018 International High School Varsity Sailing Team (Left) and Junior Varsity Sailing Team (Right) 

      Team Parent:  Doug Nugent

      Lick Wilmerding

      2018 Lick Wilmerding High School Varsity Sailing Team

      Team Parent:  Peter Scherr

      St. Ignatius High School

      2018 St. Ignatius High School Varsity (left) and Junior Varsity Sailing Team (right)

       Team Parent:  Nina Bubnova
      Team Parent:   Lisa Ikeda


      University High School

      2018 University High School Varsity and Junior Varsity Sailing Team 
      Team Parent: Schenley Walker


      Urban High School


      2018 Urban High School Varsity Sailing Team 
      Team Parent: Steven Gordon

  • Practice and Regatta Schedule

    • 2018 StFYC High School Varsity Sailing Practice Schedule

      The Bay School: Wednesday and Thursday, 3:30pm–6:30pm
      Convent/Stuart Hall: Tuesday and Thursday, 3:30pm–6:30pm
      International: Tuesday and Thursday, 3:30pm–6:30pm
      Lick Wilmerding: Tuesday and Thursday, 3:30pm–6:30pm
      St. Ignatius: Tuesday and Thursday, 3:30pm–6:30pm
      University: Tuesday and Wednesday, 3:30pm–6:30pm
      Urban: Tuesday and Thursday, 3:30pm–6:30pm

      2018 StFYC High School Junior Varsity Sailing Practice Schedule
      Wednesday and Friday, 3:30pm–6:30pm

      High School Sailors are ready for pick-up at the yacht club between 6:45pm–7:00pm.

      StFYC HS Sailing Regatta Schedule

      Regattas in bold are travel events

      9/29 Nor Cal #1 Richmond YC
      9/30 Nor Cal #2 Richmond YC (or Marina Bay)
      10/13-14 PCISA #1 (Sea Otter) Monterey Peninsula YC
      11/3 Nor Cal #3 Encinal YC
      11/4 Nor Cal #4 Encinal YC
      11/10-11 PCISA #2 (Anteater) Newport Harbor YC
      12/15  SF City High School Sailing Championship
      1/5-6 (2019) PCISA #3 (Rose Bowl) US Sailing Center-Long Beach

      There are 2 different types of regattas that the StFYC HS Sailing Team attends:
      1. Nor Cal “one-day” events. Each team consists two sailors per boat, from the same school, who will sail the entire day, with no rotations (although sometimes a team will have an alternate sailor who can be subbed in between races). Although there are back-to-back regatta days, each day counts as its own regatta. Bigger teams will usually have different sailors each day. StFYC coaches allot boats to schools based on their size and availability. Most schools will have multiple teams entered at these regattas.
      2. Rotation Regattas (Nor Cal Divisional and PCISA events). Each team consists of a minimum of 4 sailors from the same school, who rotate in/out after every other race. “Skipper A” and “Crew A” sail first, racing two races, then come to the dock and rotate with their teammates. “Skipper B” and “Crew B” then sail two races, come to the dock and rotate. This continues throughout the weekend. At each rotation, the coaches have an opportunity to substitute in an alternate sailor. While a team needs a minimum of 4 sailors, the coaches prefer to have at least one alternate sailor per team. The team’s score consists of the total points of both “A” and “B” divisions, which is tallied at the end of the weekend. Most schools will only have one team entered at these regattas. 
  • Events and Opportunities

    • High School Sailing Boot Camp

      August 13-17, 2018 Tinsley Island
      This is not a learn-to-sail course. This is an intensive week of training to prepare sailors for high school sailing evaluations. Learn more HERE.

      Preseason Parent and Sailor Meeting

      Monday August 27, 2018  6:30pm, St Francis Yacht Club
      Recommended for all interested, new and returning sailors and parents

      Sailing Evaluations

      Tuesday and Wednesday August 28 - 29, 2018 3:30pm—6:30pm, St Francis Yacht Club
      New and returning sailors must attend both days. New sailors must have recent and relevant dinghy experience to participate.

      High School Sailing Season

      September 4 - November 16, 2018
      The week of September 11 - 14 there  will be a physical fitness week of practice; no on-the-water time.

  • About High School Sailing

    • What do we sail?

      Most high school sailing is fleet racing in double-handed dinghies such as the Flying Junior, or “FJ”. There are also single-handed regattas in Lasers or Laser Radials, and team races in FJs.

      What happens at a high school regatta?

      High school teams arrive at the host club early in the morning with cars full of kids and their sailing gear, towing trailers with up to six FJs. Each high school team has at least four members, two skippers and two crew. All boats are entered into a rotation. The A skippers and crew take to the water and sail the first two races. In the meantime the B teams remain ashore waiting their turn to sail. After two races the boats sail in and the A teams jump out while another school’s B team jumps into the boat to sail two races. This A/B flip-flop continues throughout the regatta. Since only half of the sailors are on the water at a time, there is a lot of fun interaction between teams while on shore.

      A team’s score is cumulative of their A and B scores. Races are generally short, with the goal of both A and B teams completing six races each day. 

      Are there opportunities to join my school’s sailing team?

      Yes! We are hosting sailing evaluations for both skipper and crew positions. To participate in evaluations, sailors must have recent/relevant sailing experience. If you are interested in joining the team but lack experience, the St. Francis Yacht Club offers learn to sail courses as well as summer sailing camps. 

      When does it start?

      Fall sailing evaluations are in late August at the St. Francis Yacht Club.

      How much does it cost?

      The fee to sail is $675. Regatta expenses are additional, but reasonable. They include registration fees, food, lodging and travel. 

      What are the benefits of joining the sailing team?

      • Sailing is a co-ed competitive sport
      • Colleges actively recruit talented sailors for their college teams
      • Sailing not only involves a high level of physical strength and agility but it teaches students about navigation, physics, the marine environment, SF Bay and the importance of teamwork
      • Sailing is a worldwide activity that can take you around the globe and provide an instant introduction to people in every country
      • Sailing is a sport you will enjoy throughout your life

      What are the benefits of sailing out of St. Francis Yacht Club?

      • Access to world-class facilities including locker rooms with showers and saunas
      • Safe, quality access to the water.
      • Supervised use of a fleet of FJ sailboats
      • Safety and rescue boats on the water at all times with liability coverage through the Club
      • Professional coaching during regattas and practices

      What is required to sail at StFYC?

      • Completed registration forms
      • Payment
      • Proof of swimming ability
      • Enthusiasm and commitment
      • Two days of out-of-practice physical fitness every week
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