The membership of the St. Francis Yacht Club is comprised of 2,400 individuals who believe in the Club’s mission statement to, “serve as the inspirational center of boating activities regionally and a leader of yachting internationally.”

We honor:

  • Camaraderie: This is a place for friendship, teammates and multi-generational companions.
  • Sportsmanship: Our members are among the best sailors in the sport. They are also teachers, coaches and sportsmen who value integrity.
  • Tradition: Since 1927, the St. Francis Yacht Club has developed a number of treasured traditions that honor those who came before us. To be a member is to be part of something much bigger than one’s self.
  • Maritime Heritage: Our club was founded by San Francisco sailors whose ancestors sailed through the Golden Gate during the California Gold Rush. The Bay is in our blood, and we are proud to be an institution on San Francisco Bay.

The Benefits of Membership

Being a member of the St. Francis Yacht Club is like joining a second family. As a member, you gain access to the San Francisco clubhouse on the Marina, which boasts superlative views of the Bay. Inside, there are three unique dining spaces ranging from casual to fine dining, so you always have a place at the table that feels right for you and your guests. The food is superb and the wine list carries an expansive variety of top brands, all at a price you won’t find elsewhere in the City.

Throughout the year, the Club’s bustling social calendar features live musical performances, winemaker’s dinners, theme parties, formal dances and family affairs, all of which serve as a platform to bring members together in the spirit of camaraderie.

Sailing with the St. Francis Yacht Club is the experience of a lifetime. Racers will find kindred spirits among the talented roster while cruisers will find lifelong traveling companions in the Cruisers’ Group. Young sailors are exposed to limitless development opportunities through the Youth Sailing program, and the Club’s J/22 fleet offers racing and training opportunities for all levels.

As a member, you will fly the burgee of the St. Francis Yacht Club, which opens doors around the world. Whether racing, cruising, or traveling by land, members are welcome at any of our 80 reciprocal yacht and private clubs. By being a member here, you gain access to clubhouses out there.

Becoming a Member

The membership of the St. Francis Yacht Club is constantly expanding and welcoming in new individuals who contribute to our community. Though membership is by invitation only, through sponsorship by another current member, the Membership Department is here to help connect interested members to Club ambassadors. A candidate’s personal and yachting backgrounds will be reviewed as part of the process. Please contact our Membership Director, Leslie Blakely, at 415-563-6363 or [email protected] for more information.

Sponsoring a Member

Existing members can expand our community by sponsoring like-minded friends into the Club. Membership packets are available at the Front Desk and the Membership Department is standing by to assist you.

Interested in joining?

You can fill out a membership interest form HERE.

Already a member?

Access the members-only website HERE

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